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Web rumors of a limited time offer coming? 6 months of free service w/phone purchase? Can I get the 6 months without activating the phone I purchase? (Already have the phone I want).

Hi @donc.ezv6wh

The promotion is for phones purchased during a specific time period. See here:

Six months of free service?

Republic Wireless celebrates its new independence with six months of free service - The Verge

not just a rumor Republic will be running a promotion for only those listed phones purchased from Republic on the dates listed below and activate it before 12/29

Moto Z PLAY between 12/7-12/12

Huawei Ascend 5W between 12/13-12/19

This is a promotion and not a contest so purchase of the qualifying phone on qualifying dates is required

(so no BYOP option)

more detail will be announce soon I sure so keep an eye here Special Offers and Promotions

If you bought a Moto Z play with a credit card, then I would check to see if they offer any price protection as a perk.

EDITED TO ADD: Below is a copy of the email Republic sent out today.

As we announced last week, Republic Wireless has received a major investment from Bandwidth (the company our business was born within) and we’re becoming our own company. We are really excited about what this means for the future of Republic and as our first act, we want to give back to you, our loyal members and fans.

So, without further ado, we are ecstatic to announce two special offers in December on the latest additions to our smartphone lineup.

These promos are not available just yet, but here’s a sneak peek:

  • From 12/7 - 12/12: Take $100 off a Moto Z Play (discounted from $449 to $349, while supplies last.)
  • From 12/13 - while supplies last: Take $50 off an Ascend 5W by Huawei (a soon-to-be-launched new phone with a premium design made even more affordable at Republic, discounted from $179 to $129, while supplies last.)
    The best part of the deal - and an unheard of move for us, or any carrier - is that **both of these phones will come with up to six months of FREE **service (on our $20 unlimited talk & text + 1GB of cell data plan. Taxes and telecom fees not included. See offer for full details1.)

Please note: Phone purchases must be made within those timeframes and are not applicable to prior sales. All phones must be activated by 12/29 for the free service to take effect. For both new and existing Republic Wireless customers, the first month of the 1GB plan will start during the customer’s January billing cycle, at no charge.

For brand new customers, the phone activation will occur in December, so they will have to pay for their December billing cycle first. Then, beginning with their January billing cycle, they will start receiving the 1GB plan at no charge. We want to make sure this distinction is clear so there is no risk of our new customers feeling misled. If someone purchases a plan with more data than 1GB, they will be responsible for the difference in the plan costs.

From of all of us here at Republic, we thank you for your continued support as we begin the next chapter of our journey together.

louisdi wrote:

As we announced … we’re becoming … We are really excited … our first act … we want to give back … we are ecstatic …From of all of us here at Republic … we thank you…

Congratulations, @louisdi! When did you become a Republic employee?

Also… “…come with** up to **six months of FREE…” – there’s that magic phrase, “up to”, that indicates that “six months” is the most you’ll get, but you might probably get less, maybe much less.

Also… “…come with** up to **six months of FREE…” – there’s that magic phrase, “up to”, that indicates that “six months” is the most you’ll get, but you might probably get less, maybe much less.

If the rules are followed and the proper phone is bought at the designated time window and activated in advance of the deadline, the customer will get the full 6 months.

That sounds much better. But then why “up to”? Under what conditions might somebody qualify for some free service, but not the full six months?

It has to do with leaving our selves open to do things for people who fall outside of the stated rules. We did not want to close the door of fairness. For example lets say someone comes to us and they activate in January, we may want to give them a shorter term but still help them out. Not saying we will, but as a game-time-decision, we would still be covered.There are other scenarios but this leaves us open to what may come.

I just copied and pasted the email they sent out today…

Also a more straight forward reason is that the promo is 2 part both hardware discount and service, so someone might get one part of the promo but if they do not activate in time they may not get all of the promo. So “up to”.

Oh, OK… maybe you ought to edit it… if you highlight the desired text and click the “quote” button in the editor, it will place it in a “quote box” thus making it more clear that those are someone else’s words.

Here is an example of quoted text added from another source (in this case, I simply typed it), then highlighted, then hit the big ‘’ in the toolbar.

Yeah, I got the email today – a day after I activated the Moto Z Play that I bought on Swappa last week. I guess I could achieve similar savings by deactivating my service and using Google Voice for 6 months…

I still love my new phone, and my first Republic phone (16 GB Moto G XT1031) just sold less than 24 hours after I put it up on Swappa, so it’s all good, but that email did feel a bit like a nose tweak. Not intentional, I know!

Ha Ha!

Another scenario may be if somebody purchases one of the phones and within the 6 months activates/reactivates another phone/SIM as a replacement. The free service may end but customer not penalized.

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