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OK, It seems I am even too old to wade through the junk that gets put into the comment field to make a direct comment on this website. This is ridiculous. t take two logins to get to the help section and another login to get to an “Expert User” comment through a email notification. There is no direct link in my phone app to start a help ticket and every time I try to use these forum windows, I get inundated with helpful hint screens filled with inanities and drivel.

Is it possible to provide direct, straightforward access to features without getting the marketing department involved?


Hi @davidr.ctpon9,

The marketing department is not involved in any of the items you listed.

To open a ticket, you do have to log in, as we are required to know we are working with the account owner. Otherwise, anyone could request that we take action on your account. You should not have to sign in twice, though. Are you signing in here:

We have asked the company that runs the platform for our Expert program to disable that login, which is in the works, and you do have the option to opt out of Expert answers and get help from staff.

The Republic Wireless app has an option to open a Help ticket. On the tabs at the top there is a question mark, and the help ticket option is at the bottom of that screen. Again, login is required so we know we are working with the account owner.

The Community offers suggestions when you create a post with the intent that content created here will be meaningful. If you think the suggestions it automatically provides could be better worded, I’ll be glad to hear your suggestions.

Is there something in particular we can help you with tonight?


Thanks, I am in the middle of “Expert Customer” exchanges on the issue
that brought me searching for assistance.

The help ticket option does not seem to appear on anything except the
login screen so it was easy to miss as I searched for answers before
opening up a ticket.

As a former software manager, I would harangue your interface designers
on the multiple logins unless there is a particular security reason for

I have had long, ongoing and unresolved issues with Republic’s technical
reliability over the last 2 years. My patience for poor technical
response has been excised. Sorry to be grumpy.


No need to apologize - we are currently working toward improving the ease of use of our website for our members, and knowing that it causes people some frustration is what’s fueling that effort, so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.