WeChat registration problems


Does anyone use WeChat on their Republic Wireless phone? I am having trouble getting an account registered. They have temporarily blocked by number because my mobile number is “abnormal”. I am supposed to be able to resolve this by having my number verified by another WeChat user. Does this make sense to anyone?


You may find this article in Tips & Tricks of help:

Here is their contact information:



I ran into this issue as well. The “self-unblock” requires someone else from your “region,” which I’m guessing would be the US for RW subscribers who has maintained an active account for a number of months to verify your account. Almost everyone I interact with uses a Chinese SIM with their WeChat or originally registered with a Chinese number and I never ended up getting mine unblocked; I used a VPN constantly while over in that neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago and for the most part just ended up using FB Messenger. I intended to reach out to WeChat support directly but ended up not getting around to it; I almost certainly will before I return to China and would love to know if you have any success getting up and running.


I had this problem and was able to get around it by using the hidden Sprint number attached to my RW phone. There are tutorials on the forums for how to find the number (it’s in your phone – can’t remember). There is a step in the registration where they will try to send a text to you to authenticate. This will NOT work with the Sprint number. However you can click “didn’t receive authentication code” and it will call you with a code. This worked for me. I was able to register after numerous failed attempts with my, and my gf’s RW numbers, deleting and re-downloading, Wechat, etc.

Good luck


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