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According to an online article in the Washington Post on 9/19/20, effective sometime on 9/20/20 Internet Service Providers and cell phone providers in the United States can no longer provide access to WeChat. Can any employee of republicwireless verify this?

My wife and millions of other Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans are heavily dependent on this app to communicate with family and friends both in the U.S. and around the world.

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Randy Barthelman

You can read the statement from the US Department of Commerce here:

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Thanks for the link to the official announcement from the Commerce Department. That statement removes any doubt concerning the status of WeChat.

I’m still not entirely sure what will happen when the prohibitions take effect. Various publications have weighed in with their ideas of what these prohibitiions will look like to the end user, as well as potential alternatives and workarounds.

Here is one such article:

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Here is an article I found that offers descriptions of multiple ways you may want to consider; How to Keep in Touch in China

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WeChat lives to fight another day.

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Thanks for posting this article, I also saw reports in the Washington Post and New York Times. Thanks also to jben for the suggestions of alternatives to WeChat. Now it’s a matter of waiting as the case makes its way through the appeals court and perhaps even the Supreme Court.

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