Weekend service

Are there republic customer service people working on the weekend?

Hi @garyr.bnhgi3

Billing is closed on the weekend but there are tech people available. Is there something you need assistance with?.


Waiting to hear back and didn’t know if they work the weekend

OK. You have a support ticket opened?. How long has it been since you have received a response?.


I had been in with expert help but he escalated it to customer support. Been less the a few hrs

Hi @garyr.bnhgi3!

Usually, support will respond within 12 hours of the ticket creation. You should hear back by tomorrow morning.


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Hi @garyr.bnhgi3,

I’ve checked on your ticket to ensure it is in the right queue, and added a note that you were asking here about the timing. We do have continuous support - nights, weekends, holidays - there’s always a team of technicians at work. They will get to your ticket as quickly as they can.

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