Weird caller ID issue

My wife recently got a new Samsung A11.Set up was fine and the phone works great.
Kept her own number.

Recently, we became aware of an issue with only one of her friends.
My wife’s phone number shows a completely different number in her friend’s caller ID.

The friend ignores the call or message

Everywhere else we’ve tried, the correct name shows up on caller ID.

The friend uses Consumer Cellular.

Sounds like the issue is on the friend’s end.

I just called this wrong number and it rand into my wife’s phone.

It’s not like the underlying Sprint numbers or is it.

Thanks for your help in unraveling this mystery

Please see the following help article. The problem you’re experiencing could be due to the Republic Wireless app being placed into an inactive (sleep) state:


Thanks for the suggestion but we did that shortly after activation.

Hi @larryf.91t4t7,

Please see if this works (similar issue from another Member):


That’s probably exactly what it is. Does the mystery number end with 9320?

Let’s also make sure your wife has Google Messages installed as her default messaging app and has RCS disabled.

Take a look at the “texting” section of @SuperT’s guide, here: Optimizing your Samsung Galaxy phone for Republic Wireless


Thank you Super T and southpaw.
The number does end with 9320
I’ll try both of your suggestions


We tried both of the suggestions from Southpaw and Super T.
As best I can tell, Google messages was already the default messaging app.
Did the reset as mentioned.
Not sure what that did.

My wife’s friend, who was having the wrong caller ID issue from my wife’s phone, is a little bit hard to get in touch with now we may need to wait a little to see if this worked.

Her passed

Sounds like we got it fixed.
Thanks for your help

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