Weird feature want to get it back?


Hi, I recently (as in today) switched from Moto X 2nd gen to Moto G5 Plus. The Moto X 2nd gen had an awesome feature, where if you waved your hand over the camera it would ‘detect’ you and show the time, and content like messages. I LOVED that feature, and am disappointed to see the Moto G5 Plus doesn’t have it. Is there a way to set it up so it does?


As far as I know that is an exclusive feature of the Moto X and the lower end Moto G phones do not have it.


Hi @alidal,
This was in the playstore and worth a shot installing to see if anything works with the downloadable app. I love the actions with the Moto X4 & would be lost without it.

Moto Actions
Another possible option!


This is pre-installed on all Motorola’s as far as I’m aware. (It’s on my G5s+). What @alidal is missing requires a IR sensor, which the G series lacks.


This app works great. Installed in on all my newer Motos.