Weird group text issue

Last night my son, who is away at college, sent a group text to both my wife and I. We were both at home at the time, she got the text and I didn’t until she responded to it. I got her reply and then saw what he originally sent, but it looked like she started the conversation, when really he did. Anyone know why this would have happened. Just curious as to why there would have been a delay in me getting it. I’m assuming it would have eventually came through.

Sorry that no one has gotten back to you on this problem, perhaps a bit more information from you will stir up something?

  1. Are all 3 phones on Republic Wireless?
  2. If no, are there any iPhones involved?
  3. What phones are in the mix, and do they all use the latest Google Messages :messages:? and have you checked to see if the Chap feature is turned off?

Yes all 3 phones are on Republic Wireless. There is a Samsung S10, Moto X4, and Moto G7. As far as I know all are up to date with the Google Messages app. As far as I know the chat feature is turned off but would need to confirm that.

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