Welcome Our New Ambassadors


As some of you know, we have an Ambassadors Program that empowers particularly helpful, knowledgeable members of the Republic Community to assist other members, answer questions, and help us build a stronger Community. You’ve probably seen them around here, and they are easily identifiable by the shield icon next to their usernames.ambassadorshield.gif

Today, I’m excited to share that we’ve recently added four new Ambassadors to the program. Please join me in welcoming:

You may notice that @capt.carey and @grandbobby aren’t active here on the Community. Since the Republic Community extends beyond the community site, we have chosen to expand the Ambassador Program to also include members that are helpful and active on our social media channels. This is new for us, but I believe that a mutli-channel approach to the Ambassador Program is the right one, as it allows us to help more members, regardless of where they may be online.

Please join me in welcoming our new Ambassadors, and thanking them for all of their contributions to the Republic Community!