Welcome to the Extend Home Beta!

Hi @extend_home_beta,

Although anyone can read this post, only members who see an option to “reply” were actually chosen as participants. This Beta is visible to everyone, so everyone can follow along, but only our selected participants can post here.

Thank you for volunteering to participate in this Beta test! We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback as you try out this new feature.

Currently, only those selected to participate in this Extend Home Beta can see and participate in this new Community Category. We will consider making this category publicly visible so our entire Community can see it, once we take care of a little business: We need the mailing address (no PO Boxes, please) where you’d like us to send your Extend Home hardware. We’re currently targeting later this week to get this shipped.

Please fill out the form below so we can send your Extend Home kit.

(The form has been removed so that interested folks who were not chosen are not confused by seeing an available form.)


For all of you who have a username like sigmundf.3n03n, let’s get you updated to something a little easier to say and spell. Please reply here and let me know what unique (not already in use) username you’d like to have replace the auto-generated one.

And while we’re waiting for the devices to ship, be sure to go ahead and ask us any questions you may have.

Looking forward to the test. Not quite sure how I will use it, and how it will make my life “easier” (!!), but I guess that’s the point of testing!

As I understand it, I will bind one RW number to the unit. We have two RW phones/accounts here. Do you foresee having support for multiple numbers in the future?

Any chance that you can post manuals/docs here so we can read up on the product while we wait for the unit?


Hi @ceedee,

Here’s Grandstream’s User Guide: http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/ht80x_user_guide.pdf.

My understanding is Republic is using the HT801. I wouldn’t worry too much about the provisioning piece at this point as Republic will be likely be automating that.

Are there any specifications to the type of phone I need to get. Got rid of all our “landlines” when we joined dRepublic wireless.

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Excited to try this out.

Question- I have been planning on adding a line to my account and this may be the extra push. As I wait for the adapter- could I add the line and then use the new line for the beta rather than the original one I signed up for?

Good question. Same here and the only phone I kept is a corded phone. Hope that is ok

Any phone that can plug into a home phone jack will work. The only thing you have to be careful about is phones with voicemail. You will need to either disable them or push out the pick up time. You might not want it picking up calls too quickly.

Keep in mind an additional line must be attached to a Republic compatible phone on a My Choice. Extend Home is not standalone.

I know. I have a Pixel 3 that will work with Republic plus a sim card ready to go. Was going to wait until the summer to switch but will move the plan up if I can use the new number with the Beta.

The features will be more controlled by your home phone of choices not much to do with a manual. We will have instructions to plug everything in and associate the Home Phone Adapter to your line. The features will be very basic but all of the basics should work.

3-way calling
Call Waiting
Caller ID Name
*98 for voicemail (shared voicemail box)
Cloud-based Spam Filtering (not so basic)


Any service line on your account that is My Choice can be extended. We will not tell you which one to use to extend. It just has to be on your account and must be My Choice, not older plans.

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Thanks for the tip. Could voicemails still be accessed on the cell phone rather than on the landline?

Yes, it doesn’t change the functioning on the phone.

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Besides voicemail, are there any other features we should avoid?

Not really

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Glad to be part of this new beta test! Now, I can receive my spam calls at home now when my phone is charging and out of reach.

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