Welcome to the New Republic Wireless: Better Plans, Better Service, Better Support

Today we are pleased to introduce new plan and device options at Republic, along with a fresh, new look.

We have addressed many of our member requests and plan on continuing to do so as we evolve this new product offering over the coming weeks and months. We also want to reassure our members that we value the Republic Wireless brand and our Community that’s created here - we will continue to build on everything that’s made Republic Wireless great so far!

Before we get into the details, note that these new plans and service enhancements are optional for existing members.

Plans are getting better

Our new 5.0 plans have been designed with our current members in mind. You’ll find a familiar option that starts with Unlimited Talk and Text and 1GB of Data for $20 per month*, and you can still add data for $5 per GB whenever you need it.

Additional benefits:

  • One-time data purchases on our new plans expire 30 days after purchase instead of expiring on your next billing date.
  • Our new plans include a 50% discount for the second line on the same account with the same plan.
  • Based on demand from our members, you now have the choice of Unlimited data plans with up to 35GB of high speed data**
  • Plans include 5G service (with a compatible phone, where available)

*Taxes and fees are charged separately

**Everything You Want members using over 20GB of data and Everywhere You Go members using over 35GB of data will have speeds reduced.

AutoPay required. Taxes not included. Everything You Want members using over 20GB/mo of data and Everywhere You Go members using over 35GB/mo of data will have their speeds reduced. 5G service requires a 5G capable device. 5G not available in all areas. Mobile hotspot data usage counts toward monthly data allotment.

Service is getting better

With the new plans, you’ll have access to the following features and improved member experiences:

  • The new plans are on a new network and give you the speed and reliability you need with coverage across 99% of the U.S - Based on 2021 U.S. Nationwide Test of Mobile Networks by GWS
  • A wider range of phones can be used with the new plans (shop phones) or you can bring your own - see expanded compatibility list here.
  • The new plans will support verification codes from banks and services including Venmo and Zelle as well as interactive short code messaging and a wider range of messaging apps. Learn more.

Support is getting better

In addition to our existing, award-winning support, your Republic service now includes US-based customer phone support (866 - 550 - 9843) just in case you ever need it, and is available to all members on all plans.

As a reminder, our new plans are an upgrade option for our existing members. If service improvements, unlimited data and additional savings on a second line interest you, we invite you to continue reading to learn about switching to the new plans.

Switching to the new plans

We are building a process in the Account Portal that would allow members to change their plans while keeping their account email, history, discounts that carry over etc. without any support intervention. We will update this post and send out an email shortly when this is available. However, we do know that many of you are early adopters - See How to Change Plans (Interim) should you wish to change to the new plans right away.

Looking for more information? Please see our article on Information for Existing Republic Wireless Members Considering Upgrading to a 5.0 Plan, or join the conversation by replying below.

We sincerely thank you for being a loyal member. We’re excited to offer these new plans and enhancements, and we look forward to the opportunity to continue serving you.


What precisely does this mean? I presume that as Republic remans a prepaid service so called premium short codes will continue to not work?

RCS Bots?

I think this is more like systems like pharmacies that will alert you when your prescription is ready. I’ve never gotten one to work on my current RW phone.

Anyone else shocked by just how much time RW wasted with the new plans? Seven years with RW and I can’t find the door fast enough. And being desperate for a new phone these past few months, I literally see a flip phone added to the RW store.

What a major disappointment.


Which phone were you looking to bringing to Republic wireless? The phone options have expanded greatly for a bring your own phone. Also, the new plans in my opinion are attractive, but to each there own. What is your concern about the new plans?

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What part of $20/1 GB looks attractive to you? I just ordered a Mint Mobile sim for $15/4GB.

I’ve got 3 lines, my family members have 3 additional lines on RW and we’re holding out hope for competitive rates.

Also, the link to new phones is unchanged. At least your website is still linking to the list from 3 months ago for bringing your own phone.


I just want to clarify, you said “your website”. I am not an employee, but just a fellow member just like you.

With that out of the way, the plan that is most attractive to me is the two lines of unlimited data for $60 a month. That to me is very competitive.

Finally, the BYOP phone options have greatly expanded as explained in the new online store and the document you referred to is in reference to the older plans.


The plans are bad. Just straight up. There’s no way around it. When I heard about this months ago when I was working here, I was not happy. I’ve been on this train for a long time, and it’s sad to see this happen and end like this. It’s just not competitive. Just plain and simple, there is no reason to be with RW anymore from my perspective. Period.


I’m trying to look at it from all angles, but I’m failing to see the bright side here. The new plans basically say “go to Boost.” Boost has discounted phones (OK, RW has discounted some phones), retail stores, and a lower cost entry point. Maybe there’s some marketing plan for discount plans or improved features down the road? And what’s with the discount plan for two? Is this a childless couples only thing? What about three, or four?

Sorry, these questions aren’t directed at you @mb2x, I’m just underwhelmed.


This is a big nothing burger. Nothing innovative, and no breakthrough features or values. Zip.

Likewise, did anyone else notice how buried the link to the forum now is?

That 27$ a month unlimited at TMobile beckons .


Coreyk mentions:

"With that out of the way, the plan that is most attractive to me is the two lines of unlimited data for $60 a month. "

What distinguishes it from TMobiles $30 unlimited (It’s $27.50 if you’re over 55)?

Correct me if I’m wrong but the plan you reference is T-Mobile’s offer to those 55+ and the referenced pricing presumes two lines. That’s not all that different from Republic’s new $30 per line for two unlimited (20 GB at high speed) lines. And, use of AT&T’s network is a differentiator. How much of a differentiator, of course, depends on the relative merits of AT&T vs. T-Mobile coverage in one’s area.


I’m not sure what people expected. This is a cellular plan. It won’t regrow your hair. It won’t improve your marriage. It is a cell phone plan. It is, without question, one of the more attractively priced plans on the AT&T network, of which there aren’t many.

What life changing item were you hoping for exactly?

And if it doesn’t fit you, there are quite literally 1,000 other options in the market. Do you go to your local Ford dealer to complain that the latest F-150 doesn’t come with the options you were hoping for?


Hi Roland,

Yes, you’re right , it presumes two lines and age 55. It also doesn’t data cap at 20GB of high speed. The AT&T vs TMobile is a differentiator as you note, and could go either way depending on ones location.

TMobile does seem to be the more innovative Big Company at this point. I note they have 5G hotspots/internet hubs for my location at $50/mo which beats Spectrum …finally. I’m going to wait on that to determine how robust their service proves to be, but I know that Spectrum is in my location over sold and providing spotty throughput.

If you’re not > 55, the new RW plan looks to exactly match the TM $30 plan, except for the 5G data cap at RW doesn’t exist at TM.


Well, I’m so “Massively Disappointed” that I went ahead and ordered the 2-line $60/month plan from Republic Wireless. Actually, I’m only slightly disappointed in the roll-out. Their FAQ should be much more detailed, especially for current RW customers.

The 2-line $60 plan very close to the T-mobile 55+ plan that we were considering. Issues that were important to us:

  1. Wi-Fi calling. Now that RW has confirmed that my Moto G Power phones will work on the new plans, I’m sure that the new plans will continue to support this new feature, including on BYOP phones, but it should be addressed in the FAQ.

  2. Roaming. There is no mention of this feature, but RW has always applied the capabilities of its underlying MNO partners to its plans. I’m expecting that we will see the continuation of this feature. It should be explained in the FAQ.

  3. AT&T vs. T-Mobile coverage. This should be better for us as we travel in our RV throughout the country. And comparing with other MVNOs, the RW plans should be very competitive, especially if RW is including roaming data.

  4. Ordering. We couldn’t do a plan change in the account section, so I ordered as if purchasing as a new customer. The order treated $60 as if I purchased two $40 plans, total $80, but with a $20 discount. I had to do a double take, but then figured that they need to do it this way in case someone would want 3 lines. But then, none of this is explained in the FAQ.

  5. In the “slightly disappointed” category, I received an e-mail stating that the SIM DISH cards were backordered. I have no idea when they will ship, but hopefully will synchronize with my current MyChoice renewal date, the 23rd of the month. Again, none of this is addressed in the FAQ so I have no idea how our current RW plans will be impacted. Does the new plan take effect on the 23rd? I’m assuming that some kind of “port” will take place, and hopefully it will be quick and smooth.

  6. In the “slightly disappointed” category, the Dish Savings plans are specifically aimed at satellite TV users. Dish is bleeding satellite customers, as are DirecTV and cable companies with rampant cord-cutting. Why not partner with a winner like Sling TV (a Dish property that’s actually growing) and give RW customers a streaming alternative to the Netflix feature that’s part of the T-Mobile 55+ plan. If I learned one thing during my 40 years handling marketing for a major electronics company, it is to partner with a winner, not a loser.


This is kind of like “you can’t choose your parents”

Choosing who you partner in a buyout is tough when you’re the one being purchased.

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Agreed, but Sling TV is in the Dish family. You can choose the family members to hang out with.


Without any access at all to Dish’ internal data, I’m going to take a wild guess here. The new Republic plans are being marketed to those 55+. I’m guessing, and again, it’s a guess, that Dish’ traditional satellite service is dominated by those over 55 while Sling is at the other end of the age spectrum. If that’s true, and it may not be, it may make this decision make more sense because of the overlap of customer bases.

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