Welcome to the Orion WiFi Beta!

Hi @orionwifi,

Thank you for volunteering to participate in this Beta test! We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback as you try out this new feature. We’d like to get to know you a little better. Please reply in this topic and tell us a little about yourself, such as:

  • Your general location
  • How long you’ve been a Republic member
  • Why you’re interested in participating in this Beta
  • If your Community username was randomized, like fredk.34d4a let us know what username you’d prefer

Hello everyone. I’m joining from a rural community about an hour’s drive from downtown Charlotte, NC. I’ve been a republic subscriber for several years now… I can’t remember how long, but I’m on my 3rd phone.

I really like the concept of Google orion wifi, and am hoping that it will take off and provide seamless wifi support to many public spaces. I’m excited to be part of the beta even though I’ll be mostly connecting from small town locations (for now) due to COVID-19 (spit!) limiting my travels.

Cheers, and happy connecting.


I live about an hour west of Boston. We’re a bit “rural,” so my wife and I rely on WiFi for our communication needs…RW is a great fit.

I’ve been on RW since 2017.

I’m retired, a techie, and have the time to participate in beta testing.


Awesome! Glad to join this Beta. been in a few. Been with Republic for the last 6 years. Live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Looking forward to possibly having a seamless way of staying connected on Wifi where i go. Love the service from Republic Wireless and the awesome features and innovation they come up with to extend the way we can stay connected.


Good Day! I’m located in the Raleigh area and have been a Republic member for a few years. I have joined this test to learn more about Orion. The Republic service and “model” has served us very well and we are appreciative!

Hi, all, been a Republic member for 6+ years, in the Boston area. Preaching to the choir but price and service can’t be beat. Put both my kids on as well once they were old enough to get phones.

I’m in semiconductors, so always interested in the latest tech; looking forward to combining that with helping Republic get even better.


Hi @rjn,

Thanks for breaking the ice in this topic, and being the first to introduce yourself! I’ll be dropping a $10 Starbucks gift card in the mail to you later this week, so you can enjoy an iced (or hot) coffee on us!

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Hi everyone! Joining from Boston MA. I’ve been a republic member for about 6 years. The Orion wifi project sounds like a really interesting idea, so I’m looking forward to this beta. Tough time to test this out during COVID but i’ll try to my best to give helpful feedback.


Joining from the Atlanta area. I’ve been a Republic Member since 2013… Joined with the original Moto X (SUCH a solid phone). Honestly excited to try out Orion. I always try to be diligent about hopping on Wifi when I can, and I’m excited to try out what should be a safe, easy, and reliable option!


I’m located in Tucson AZ and I’ve been with republic wireless since 2014 I think. Im interested in learning more about Orion WIFI; I try to maximize my use of wifi so this is an interesting beta to be part of.


Hello everyone. I am Michael but I go by Paradox5280 on the internet. I live in Denver, CO.

I am pretty sure I have been with Republic for seven years. I am excited to have the opportunity to be a Beta tester on something new that should extend the value of using Republic Wireless.


Hello all, I am excited to be an early adopter or beta tester. I live in Minneapolis and have been a Republic Customer probably from when it was first created. I am a big fan of Republic because of the great community which has helped me whenever I have needed help.

I don’t work in tech or networking or anything internet related but am always fascinated by how things work, particularly networks and all things electronic.

I am looking forward to using and testing out the Orion network.

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I’m currently living in Northwest Arkansas and just made a career pivot from education to AV and home automation systems design, install, and service. :slight_smile:

I’ve been with republic since 2013 and love experimenting with new things. I think Orion has the potential to be incredibly useful and I’m excited to test it out.

Keep it tight, keep it loose.

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I currently reside in Wisconsin, and before COVID, I regularity traveled all over Wisconsin. I’ve been a member of Republic Wireless for over 6 years. My believe my first phone was the original Moto G. I now have the Moto G fast.
Always interested in potentially getting better service area. I originally got Republic since it would do Wifi calling. One town I had to go to frequently had barely ok cell service, but if you ever went inside, forget about it.

If available, please change my username to jfossy.

Thank you.

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Hi everyone,
I live in one of the suburbs of the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
I have been with Republic Wireless for about 9 years; my first phone was a Motorola Defy. I was the first to join, then I added my daughter and mom.
I hope that joining this Beta program will add or enhance the many advantages the RW offers now.
I :heart: :heart: RW’s entrepreneurial and innovative spirit!


Thank you! I live in central Texas. I look forward to learning about and using orion wifi. I’ve been a member of republic wireless since the first month 10 years ago. Enjoying the savings and technology. I believe this is another step toward the idea of wifi available everywhere and I am eager to participate in this endeavor.

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:sparkles: You’re @jfossy! :sparkles:

Hello! I’m located in NYC and also spend a fair amount of time in Newark.

I’ve been a member of Republic since… 2013, I think?

And I’m interested in this Beta because I spend quite a bit of time doing volunteer work on foot, in an area where the free wifi is quite intermittent and difficult to access. It’d be useful to have a steadier connection, especially since I have to be uploading photos and it does make one run through data quickly.

@southpaw, could you switch my username to RoisterDoister?

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Hello Everyone. I live outside of Orlando, FL. I have been a Republic Member for 8 years I think. I still have my Defy laying around here somewhere… I do a lot of service calls for my job and it would be nice to have WiFi more often.

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