Welcome to the SLC Local Community


Hello and welcome to the Salt Lake City Area Community!

We are really excited to launch this, our first, local community. This is something we have wanted to do for a long time and we are thrilled to kick it off in one of our biggest markets, SLC.

We have some fun things in the works (including some giveaways!) so stay tuned here to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to win some awesome prizes.

In the meantime, I have some guesses about what drew you here, but would love to hear from you: Why did you join this group? What do you hope to get out of it?

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To be honest, I received an email, advertising some giveaways so that was definitely an enticement to join this group.

I also hope to gain some insight into the successes and challenges republic wireless users face locally.



I’m like Robert, like the idea of giveaways, but I do genuinely like Republic and would like to see it continue grow.


Hi @robertdowdle and @evanb.bc1ekv,

Thanks for having the courage to reply in this thread! Looks like this is a shy crowd. Since you were both interested in the giveaways and took the time to reply here to say so, how would you like a Republic Wireless T-shirt?

I’ll be following up by DM to confirm some details.

Could you tell us more about what the kinds of stories you might expect to see? Have you personally experienced any successes or challenges with our service that you think might be unique to the SLC area?



That would be awesome! Thank you!

You know, in the past I have had some trouble calling my parents who are also republic wireless users. Sometimes the phone just doesn’t ring or gets dropped. Whereas I never experienced that when calling others numbers who are presumably not Republic Wireless members.

Now looking into the cause of such issues could be a combination of things. Location (reception), mixture of wifi/cell calls, old Republic wireless phones etc… Until recently my mom was on the original Republic Wireless phone with the $19.99 dollar unlimited plan. But it got to the point where she could no longer make outbound calls to other republic wireless members. Weird, but we upgraded her to the Moto G4 and things are going quite smoothly now.

So I am curious to see what other challenges people have had in the area (if any). And then see what solutions people come up with.

I’m always interested in tips from users… For example, one technique I use to save on data is to load up my destination on google maps ahead of time on wifi. And google maps can then help me get to my destination without using up data.


That would be great, thanks! I’m happy to try and continue to contribute to see if any others join in. I think the communication as a community is best in resolving some of our local issues, but mostly in helping others in the transition process which might mean opening up or marketing more to the public that isn’t on Republic or just joined to Republic. For example, we are more aware of the capabilities of the local ISPs for Wifi. Google Fiber in Provo and Salt Lake, Direct Communications in Eagle Mountain as examples might have varied capabilities. Also, prices for phones and packages are different here than other places. I’d be happy to get a T-shirt at the least though :slight_smile:


Sent you a direct message, FYI


Got your message, thanks! I will be sure to pass that info along!


Been using republic for a long time, I don’t get decent cell reception on any major carrier at my home, so the wifi calling through republic has been great for me


Hi everyone! I think it’s awesome that this sort of group exists through Republic :slight_smile: I’ve been with Republic a little under 3 years, but have known about the company for a little over 4 years. I’ve been really happy with the service and phone selection; I currently use a Nexus 5x on the $15/mo plan. I’m also a big BYU fan, so I’m excited for the advertising connection!