Welcome to the Triangle Local Community!


We are delighted to have a special space set aside where our home-town Republic Wireless members can get to know one another (and us) better! We’ll be using this category to tell you about events planned just for our local members!

Please reply in this thread and let us know how long you’ve been a Republic member, how long you’ve been living in this area, and some of your favorite things about both. What kinds of special events and activities would you like to see us incorporate in this group?


I have been with RW since 2013 with my first smartphone (Moto X 1st gen.) and love supporting such an innovative, local business. All my friends wanted to give me their hand-me-down iPhones, but I could not afford the expensive service that went with them. Nor did I need the large data plans since I was around WiFi 90% of the time. So Republic has been the perfect fit for me! One of my favorite things is the great community support.

I have lived in Raleigh for 30 years and like the diversity of people and their friendly attitudes. That’s why I love my cul-de-sac. We are a close-knit group from different parts of the world - Africa, Puerto Rico, Vietnam and El Salvador. One neighbor is even native to Raleigh! That’s becoming harder to find these days. :wink: I also love our mild winters, the Hurricanes and barbeque (eastern style)!

What kind of special events and activities would I like to see? Fun giveaways - lunch with Southpaw and staff - anything else fun. :grinning:


Hi @lenoirt,
Thanks for introducing yourself!

As a Raleigh native, your surprise at finding a Raleigh native among your neighbors strikes me as funny.

Did you see this: NCTA Tech Tour - Visit Republic Wireless!


Hi @southpaw,

I signed up for the Techworking event at RW. My street is suppose to be paved on the 5th, so hopefully it will be re-opened in time for the event. I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to meet a Raleigh native! :smiley:

It was suppose to make you laugh because Raleigh has become a wonderful melting pot of people. I grew up in NC, but most of my friends are originally from out-of-state. My dearest friend is from Puerto Rico.



Hey folks (or rather, hey @lenoirt and hey @southpaw ) -

I’m approaching 5 years with RW and have been in Durham for about half of that time. I’ve very much enjoyed watching RW grow up over the time I’ve been with them, and especially enjoyed being a part of the BETA way back when.

I’m a lifelong Duke fan (go to hell Carolina!) - and being local to Cameron and Wallace Wade is certainly one of my favorite things about the area.

Special events and activities? I’ll think on that one and see if I can come up with any suggestions. Perhaps the opportunity to participate in a cornhole tournament on top of the parking deck at HQ?


Hi @soopergenious,

I will not hold it against you for being a Duke fan. You have redeemed yourself by being a RW customer. We do have some fun and fierce local college rivalries (State - UNC - Duke)! FYI - I can’t go to hell because I am a Meredith Angel. :wink:


Hey all!

I’ve been a RW customer since 9/14 and a Durham resident since 12/14. I’ve also lived in RI, IL, CA, PA, and MD. I don’t have any strong sports affiliations and neither does my husband. It’s been amusing to watch the fierce local rivalries! Most of my activities since we’ve lived here have been kid related: our families favorite spot to spend the day is the Museum of Life and Science.


Hi @beckerella!

When you have some time, bring the family into Raleigh to the Museum of Natural Sciences. My daughters practically grew up in that place, including some fabulous volunteer experience in the Astronomy and Paleontology labs.

We’re also very familiar with the Museum of Life and Science. What are your children’s favorite things to do there?

Are you planning to go to the State Fair?


Hey @beckerella, thanks for joining the Republic Community. Really glad to have you here.

The Durham Museum of Life and Science is fantastic. You should also check out Greensboro Science Center – http://www.greensboroscience.org/index.html. Really great for kids.


I’ve been a member here for several years. My fist venture into the Smartphone world made easier with the help of @southpaw . I watched the forums to learn about the features/capabilities/issues for the phones I had just invested in, since I would have to be support for all 4 of us.

After a while of watching the questions, I found out I could actually help others based on what I had seen answered, and what I had experienced, so I got involved helping answer user questions. Then the whole “Expert” thing.

Its been a great experience.

I’ve been in the area since I started school at NCSU back in 1984. I love the area (but avoid downtown because I hate crowds/traffic/parking)


Nice meeting you last night at the Republic popup store. You were much younger than you appear in print :slight_smile:


Shoot, I was hoping you were talking to me!

That was fun, getting to introduce two people who’ve known each other in Community for quite a while!


:slight_smile: Compared to all the Republic crew I saw last night (yourself included), I really felt like the old fart. If we played the game of all our photos and said which one looks like they don’t belong to a group of kindergartners, mine would get pulled out long before yours @southpaw. You still have that youthful look and vibe. Me…not so much.


And by the way Michelle says thank you for the T-Shirt, and swag bag from the promo at the Pop up last night.


You’re quite the dad! When you were getting your swag bag, i never even thought it might be for someone other than yourself. Very sweet of you to give it your daughter!


The Triangle Local Community is dead. Let’s do something - that’s what this thing is for, after all, right?!

I’d love to meet some of y’all. Would anyone be down for a small group outing? Possible ideas include Eno River hike, skeet shooting, deep conversations about the meaning of Soon™ or most anything else. Is this something y’all would be interested in - and what might make a good outing?

I’m thinking an hour or two one Saturday or Sunday at some point before the end of the year. If we get a small handful of locals, who knows, we may even be able to convince @southpaw to help recruit a few folks from the office to join us if we promise to not trash talk State too hard (for the record, Duke is a proud supporter of public education for the masses :stuck_out_tongue:).


I’m busy this weekend, but that type of activity sounds good!! I love target pistol shooting, but as far as Skeet, I went night shooting at the Durham Wildlife club range (near Morrisville)once, and only nicked one out of an entire 2 sets. I can’t lead worth anything.

I also love billiards, and that is something that also allows people to get to know one another a bit easier, usually beer and hand and waiting your turn… A lot easier to get to know someone when you’re not wearing the ear protection. And there is no range test required to pass before shooting.

Before I broke my back… bowling and tennis were also good options and other ways to get to meet and get to know folk.


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