Welcoming a Bunch of Jerks


No, I’m not referring to my fellow Community members. I refer to the arrival of Republic’s hometown hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes to play my hometown hockey team, the Boston Bruins for tonight’s start of the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Finals.

In some ways the Hurricanes are coming home as the franchise originated in the World Hockey Association (WHA) as the New England Whalers playing in Boston. The move to Hartford came a few years later. The name change to Hartford Whalers came further down the road with the NHL-WHA merger. That name change from New England to Hartford was the price of the Bruins support for the Whalers admission to the NHL.

And, it was one Don “Grapes” Cherry who labeled the 'Canes a “Bunch of Jerks” for their postgame cellys (hockey speak for celebration). Don Cherry coached the Bruins when they were commonly known as the Big Bad Bruins (a different era for hockey) and is possibly the second most revered hockey icon in and around Boston. No matter a Boston fan’s generation no one tops Robert Gordon “Bobby” Orr on that.

I’ll extend a sportsmanlike “Good Luck” to the 'Canes, however, once a Boston sports fan always a Boston sports fan, so my allegiance is with the Bruins. I have one final suggestion for the 'Canes:

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Hi @rolandh, from the home of the Canes.

Would you like to make this match up a little more interesting?!


I would. Are you offering a giant fissure that opens up in the ground and swallows both teams? If so, I’d like to chip in.

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Oh, please do! I’m willing to wager lobster rolls for a reasonable number of folks in the office.


Ok, I need some help here, maybe the Community can give me some suggestions. What should I send Roland if (ha!) the Bruins should happen to take round three?


Do you have a dog? I’m thinking of something appropriate that your dog manufactures for free.


We do owe the Hurricanes for dethroning the Caps!


Um, it’s 1-0 Bruins.


Oh c’mon, round three has just begun. I’m not going to let one goal worry me.

I just need to think of a good wager… and @louisdi, that’s not it.


No need, it didn’t stand up long 1-1.

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Are the Lake Erie Monsters in it yet?


Aren’t they calling themselves the Cleveland Monsters now? And, if I’m not mistaken they’re out of the hunt for the Calder Cup.


I guess we won the cup I think 2yrs ago.


Hi @rolandh,

We’ve got a lot of people in the office, and I’d feel bad eating lobster rolls in front of them all, and worse having you send enough for everyone to even have a taste. Let’s scale it a down a bit…

If the Bruins win, I’ll send you a “taste of North Carolina” goodie basket, including, among other things, some home-made Southpaw cookies.

I wonder what the Community thinks… who’s going to win Round 3?

  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Boston Bruins

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I voted Bruins, but I want the hurricanes! Go Carolina! If they win, that would bring two big sporting wins in the last year for SC (although that can be debated if you are a Gamecock fan :wink: ). Clemson won the college football playoffs, and, if the hurricanes win, we would get a championship hockey team too.


Aren’t the hurricaines from NC? Not SC?


They play in NC, but they also play under the Carolina banner :wink: .


That’s like saying Connecticut would be getting a championship because the Hurricanes were once the Whalers.


Wow, I voted based on my allegiance to the Bruins but one would think the Hurricanes would get more love here.


More than fair enough. The renowned Southpaw cookies alone would be enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the unlikely event the Hurricanes spoil the Bruins bid to join the Patriots and Red Sox with a 2018-2019 championship banner, I’ll arrange for some authentic New England Whoopie Pies to be sent and throw in some Moxie (the official soda of Maine) to wash it down.

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