Well, 3 1/2 years of not worrying about my cell plan draw to a close

I’ve been a Republic Wireless member since early 2013, back when the phones would boot you out of your call if you got out of range of your WiFi. Despite the occasional hiccup, Republic Wireless was so refreshing to an Ex-AT&T customer. I didn’t have to manage my data compulsively, I still got calls in some deadzones other people couldn’t conceive, and all at a cool price of around $25 a month. Simple, effective, and I got to brag to my friends about how I had a killer cell plan for dirt cheap.

Inevitably, the Motorola Defy XT I had just got outdated, so I upgraded to the Moto G 1st generation around the start of 2015. Although I lost my unlimited high speed data, I was fine with 5 gigabytes and unlimited reduced speed. Most of the time, I rarely came close to hitting 5 gigabytes of usage.

Recently, I got a job as a Stat Courier for Laboratory Corporation of America, or just Labcorp. It requires heavy use of my phone’s GPS system to take me to all of my pickups, and despite the fact that Google can’t optimize anything or that my phone has become about as responsive as a comatose patient, it still served it’s purpose well, but I keep coming very close to exceeding 5 gigabytes of data usage. Even though Google Maps runs as well as Stephen Hawking, the amount I have to use it at work drains my data, and I’m very rarely in range of any WiFi networks. Combine that with how much I use YouTube to occupy distant trips back home, and 5 gigabytes a month is barely cutting my data threshold.

Well, two days ago, I was rear-ended, HARD. My car was totalled. I got out just fine, but my phone sustained heavy damage, it’s time to replace it. However, with the new Republic 3.0 plans charging nearly double to almost triple for the same service on a new phone, I think it’s time to find a new carrier. I can’t afford $60 a month just because Google wants to inform me of every crack in the road on my route to my next stat. I don’t want to habitually monitor my data usage everywhere I go in fear of hitting that dreaded overage I left behind with AT&T.

Sorry Republic, I can’t afford the 3.0 plans. It’s been a great few years, but you’re becoming the very companies I tried to leave behind.

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You could go for a used (but more capable) RW phone to stay on your 1.0 plan.

If you’ve been following the forum at all, you know that the HERE navigation app lets you preload whole states worth of maps (and you can do a few local counties on Google), and you can disable the real time road condition reports.

I did a road trip from New England down to Florida (and about a month of local driving) last winter with real-time traffic/road data on and preloaded maps. It was my all time high, but still only 6-700 MB for the month.

I agree that 3.0 is a whole different ball game than any previous RW plan, and seems designed not to appeal to the same users.

I use HERE all the time and it works great without using data. Just preload the states, use it in offline mode and you’re good to go!

As others have said, there’s no reason that you need to consume any data for reliable navigation. With HERE you can ocassionally turn on a traffic to get an update, and then turn it right back off. You could go an entire month without using a single byte of data for navigation purposes.


Why not just buy a garmin. They go on sale all the time, and quit ruining the phone & battery for work. Don’t they supply you with a GPS as big a company as they are.

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Google maps also works offline. I prefer it over Here, as Google gives me the street names to turn on.

Download areas and navigate offline - Android - Google Maps Help

How to use Google Maps offline - AndroidPIT

The $30 2gb plan is on T-Mobile OR Sprint, depending on the phone you get and the area you’re in.

I just want to ditto the statements of the other replies about using Google Maps in offline mode or using the HERE app. You should definitely check them both out and see which one suits your needs. I use both at various times when I have to use my phone for navigation and Google Maps is what I mainly use because the voice prompts are much more clear than HERE.

When you says, “…Combine that with how much I use YouTube to occupy distant trips back home…”, do that mean someone else is driving? I sure hope so.

Anyway, you can also watch youtube videos offline. You have to pre-load them while you’re connected to wi-fi. It may not work as well for your since you have a Moto G which has limited disk space but I just wanted to throw that out there. I haven’t had the need to offline any youtube content but I wonder if it is possible to offline the content to a portable drive. Hmmmm?

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