Wet Moto G4 will not reset

My fully charged Moto G4 was submerged in ca. 10 inches of water for water for ca. 10 sec.

It’s now been in silica gel for 4 days.

after 24 hr. it started to reboot, then stopped.
after 48 hr. a full reset (power + vol down) generated no reset choices, but it did turn on, showing a restart screen. I restarted it, and my normal screen appeared, but after a minute or so it blinked off.
The last two days (still in silica), it has done nothing but show the LED next to the home button (which mockingly blinks when t’s on the charger).

Attempts to reset/restart it again yield nothing.

Is it shot, or is there another trick to try?


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Given what you’ve tried I think the next step is likely a nice memorial service.

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