Wet Phone won't turn back on


What phone do you have? Motorola model #XT1548

What plan are you on? I don’t know

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

The phone is supposed to be waterproof. I fell in the river yesterday and it got wet. After a few hours, I turned it off and removed the back to let it dry better. Now it won’t come back on.


Hi @caye,

I’m sorry to hear about your phone! I’m further sorry to say your Moto G3 isn’t waterproof (no phone or other electronic device is). It is water resistant, meaning it should survive heavy rain, sweat, etc. but not necessarily a dunking in a river.

You might try continuing allowing the phone to dry out for a couple of days, however, in all candor, the phone is likely shot and will need to be replaced. Please let us know if you’s like more information on replacement options.


rolandh is correct. I just looked up the specs for that phone.
It lists: - IPX7 certified.

Unfortunately, water resistant is not watter proof.
Was it submerged in more than 1 meter of water?

“IPx7= Protected against immersion in water. Immersion for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter.”


These measurements are also the “scientific / standard” measurements which they determine water resistance. A phone dropped into water (a river) may experience different forces such as turbulence or even hitting something which may have temporary broken say the backing seal.

I think of the water resistance of the phone in terms of surviving a dunk in the toilet more so.

My main tip however is that although rice may come up as an option, I occasional keep the silica packets around from food packaging as those are the good moisture absorbers as opposed to things such as rice.


I dropped a phone in a bucket of “Heavy Duty Clear”…(undiluted wall-covering paste). It had no problem with the kamikaze plunge into the medium, cleaning it off with H20 was another matter.

It mostly worked after a few baths… :relaxed:


A good bath of 100% isopropyl alcohol would have cleaned that off without the worry of frying the electronics. It’s especially good for if you, say, spill Coca~Cola on your expensive new keyboard. *cough*


I have it in rice now. It did turn back on, but the touch doesn’t work yet. Put it back in rice for another day. Thanks for the info.


It was only under water for a few minutes. I put it in some rice and it did turn back on today. But the screen touch is not working yet. I put it back in the rice for another day. Thanks for the info.


It was only in the water for a couple of minutes. I did put in rice and it came back on, but the touch screen isn’t working yet. Put it back in the rice to dry out some more. Thanks for the info.