What 256 SD Card is recommended for the Moto G Play phone?

I want to add a 256 SD Memory to my Moto G Player. What do you recommend? Brand , speed, etc. Does RW sell them?


Motorola recommends a UHS-1 type for best performance if you’re using the card for internal storage. Republic only has one microSD card in their store right now, and it’s only a 16 GB card.

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Check out Newegg , they have a nice selection of what your looking for at fair prices and fast shipping. I bought a bunch of microSD cards from them and have not had any issues. I just bought a Teamgroup 128GB high endurance for my dash cam from them. Very happy with the purchase. They sell a 256GB version for about 30 bucks. They do sell others that are on sale all the time. PNY another good brand I have had a lot of luck with. I do believe my Moto Z4 has a 128GB PNY installed in it. Been so long, no issues with its storage. I really wish I got the 256GB now for my dash cam. :thinking:

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