What a Data SIM Is (and What It Is Not)

I have been a Republic Wireless customer for over 5 years. My phone has a CDMA card, as does my wife’s. ‘ just wondering why a single card isn’t set up to handle both/ either.

since the 30 day start when I activate it then if I buy one now but dont activate until Like Dec. 2019 when I may need it the 30 days will start on the day I activate, Right?

that is correct the data starts when you activate it

I’m not convinced that this is a very good deal. Seems to be another ■■■■, with not being able to reload and no Verizon network added.
Sorry, Republic, but I think you missed the mark with this.
Other than this, I have zero complaints with Republic and a happy customer.

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Hi @johnk.mhomwy,

Generally, a data SIM isn’t intended for use in a phone as it provides no phone service just cell data for Internet access.

Other than Google Fi (and I don’t believe this applies to Fi’s data only SIM), no one has developed a single SIM that operates on multiple cellular networks simultaneously. GSM cellular networks use GSM SIMs. CDMA networks use CDMA SIMs.

Correct. The Fi data only SIM is T-Mobile only as the network.

I am looking to add a hotspot to my phone coverage. If I cant get what I need here, I may have to switch to Sprint for both phone and data. I’ll pay more for phone service, but what looks like about a total of $70 per month for a data sim in addition to a phone sim. If this $30 deal is only for the first month, there’s no comparison.

$4.00*$4.00*** to mail a letter with a sim card in it is a little outragous

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Hi @pauls.mh2map,

I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you want to use your phone to create a hotspot to provide data for other things, you can already do that with the My Choice plan.

The Data SIM is for other devices that use a GSM SIM card.

Hi @david86426,

The Community has received this feedback about our normal BYOP SIM Card as well. The $4 is not for a SIM card stuck in an envelope, and there is some “handling” included in the pricing, as we have a fulfillment center who has to warehouse the stock, inventory the merchandise, and fulfill the orders.

The Data SIM will also be available on Amazon :soon: and you might find their shipping pricing more in line with your expectations.

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If you’re interested in community feedback about how to modify this product / service in the future: Here is a product (or two) I’d be interested in:
a SIM card I could put in a MiFi device or unused phone that could simulate that,
auto re-loadable.
Would cost about the same as a SIM for a phone, or that with a month of service preloaded.

Would cost nothing for months that I didn’t use it. Would cost about the same per GB as a phone SIM, but without the starting amount for the phone and text service.

If it was in fact free for the months I didn’t use it, I’d get two for backup, one at home and one on the road.

If it was inexpensive enough per GB to compete with my minimal (unlimited but shared) broadband subscription at home, I might drop my wired subscription, some of us don’t use all that much data.

Not sure what activation contracts are even available to you, for you to resell to us.

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I bought two at the half-price sale to put in storage for when I need them, but I think the $60 price will prove to be far too high. You have to be using a LOT of data for 30 days to make a $60 investment worthwhile. This item should be designed more to appeal to intermittent, short-term use. I mean, my Spectrum internet bill is $65/month. Why would I pay $60 for a card that expires in 30 days with 4G speed? It’s hard to grasp the fact that while republic is a leader in low-cost mobile phone plans, it seems to want to make bank with a data card. Two for $30 I can understand; one for $60 is too high. I’ll buy data for the phone plan first.

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Actually…you are paying just $6 per 1GB.
Republic currently charges $5 per 1GB of Data as part of the My Choice Plan.

At the $30 price point, that makes it $3 per 1GB.

Both are for 30 day use of the data allotment.

This is a no go for multiple reasons.

First, sim replacement is not an easy task. And it’s quite easy to break the sim caddie or lose the existing sim card (for dual sim caddies)

Second, at $60, it would be cheaper per megabyte to just buy add on data. $6/GB your data sim plan, vs $5/GB current plan. Even if you were to price match the price / GB, If you don’t use at least 5+ gigs, you’re losing money!

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Hi @marieh.in00go,

Just to be clear, the idea is not to use this in your primary phone, so you wouldn’t be swapping it out with an existing SIM card on a regular basis.

Even if not using in a traditional phone, whichever device you’d be using would only have coverage for 30 days. Unless there is a very specific circumstance requiring you to use the device only a few times a year, you’d still be swapping sims cards out every 30 days, primary phone or not. It’s not an ideal situation whichever way you look at it.

Thanks @nathans.zrg2wz,

Definitely not trying to suggest it’s the perfect data solution for everyone, I just wanted to be sure the person to whom I was replying understood the intent is for it to be used in an alternate device, not to somehow supplement the data available on the My Choice plan.

What would your ideal data SIM product look like?

I loved the initial plan offering before it was cancelled. 20 GB at $30 plus 2G fallback after the 20 GB is used up was a very, very good deal. Of course I’d like to see the option to auto-renew every month.

I use Google Voice, which can use cellular or WIFI data for all calls and texts. A cheap data plan would be ideal for me. With how competitive the MVNO scene is, $60 for 10 GB is quite absurd.

There’s a lot of commentary about pricing and competitiveness being thrown around. In reality, the Republic pricing really isn’t that different than the rest of the data only market.

Some examples:
Red Pocket - 1GB - $10, 2GB - $15, 5GB - $25
AT&T - 10GB $60, 15GB - $70
T-Mobile 2GB $10, 6GB $25, 10GB $40, 14GB $55, 18GB $70, 22GB $85
Ting - 1GB $22, 2GB $26, 5GB $56, 10GB $106
Tello - 1GB $6, 2GB $10, 6GB - $20, 12GB $35


Hi @nathans.zrg2wz,

Thanks for following up with additional feedback.

The initial data SIM offer was a pilot program, priced very aggressively so we could gauge market interest and learn more about data SIM use.

We’ll continue to look for ways to add value to the Data SIM options on the market, but I don’t think what you have in mind is currently sustainable as a product. That could change, so please keep an eye on us!

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