What address do I use to return a defective phone


What address do I use to return a defective phone?


Hi @kathleenn,

Are you working with Republic support? Are you returning the phone under Republic’s Money Back Guarantee or the manufacturer’s warranty? Generally, shipping labels are provided.


Yes working with Republic. Phone is defective. Extensive emailing and help tickets to have new phone shipped and need to send old one back. Reluctant to set up ANOTHER help ticket to simply get the proper mailing address but if that is what needs to happen…


Please don’t set up another help ticket. Doing so will hinder not help the process. Rather, it would be best to reply on your open ticket, which you should see when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.


Please use the same ticket. If we agreed to replace the phone we will provide the prepaid mailing label when we are ready to have you send the phone back.


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