What amount of data to buy for my plan?


I’m on a Sprint unlimited plan now.

Even with steady use of home wifi, I go through almost 13 GB data each month.

What Republic plan fits for me? If I’m understanding right, I can only buy up to 10 GB to use (and that is more expensive than Sprint).

Thanks! I’m very curious about Republic, have heard awesome things.


Hi @daniels.hq0tnc!

You are correct that the best plan would be the 10gb plan. However, to be honest with you, Republic is probably not the right fit for you. Republic is ideal for users who don’t go through many gigs of data every month. The core of their service is routing calls, texts, and data over Wi-Fi to keep costs low. When you starts adding 4gb, 5gb, 6gb, etc. of data, it can get very expensive fast, and there are better options for you out there made for high data users. We would love to have you join Republic, but it probably will not be financially feasible. Hope that helps!



@mb2x is right, as usual, but there are ways to save money with RW by dramatically reducing your data usage. For example, using the Here WeGo app for offline navigation, putting your own music on the phone instead of streaming, turning cell data off in the Republic app when you are away from WiFi, only installing updates when connected to WiFi, etc. My monthly cell data usage is a couple hundred megabytes. I just wait until I’m on WiFi to check my mail, etc.


I’m going to assume that if you use 13GB now, and since there are no magical Republic ways for saving data (you could do any of them with your current carrier if you were so inclined), you’re simply unlikely to be a good candidate for service with Republic.


I don’t buy into that assumption because I lived in a time when there was no cell service and we got along just fine without it.


Yes Bill, but the OP clearly stated, “I go through almost 13GB data each month” and while you might be satisfied in a cave with your stick and rock, projecting that on to the OP is a bit presumptuous.


@daniels.hq0tnc, I am going to agree with some others in this post and if you aren’t able to severely cut your data usage Republic might not be the best fit for you. I typically don’t like to discourage customers for giving Republic a shot, but 13 GB of data usage is a lot.