What app works like WeChat on Republic?

trying to show an apartment via my phone to an apple phone user. I tried to download WeChat but it said it didn’t accept “virtual numbers”, which I assume is what Republic has?
what other app might work?

also,I probably will not have wifi in the apartments. will be in Phila PA

Are you sure you need WeChat? I “chat” using the Republic Anywhere app and tap on the microphone to convert voice to text. Works very well for me.

Hi @babettej,

By show, do you mean video? If so, I suggest: Google Duo or Google Hangouts as the closest things to Apple’s FaceTime for Android and both work on iPhones and other iOS devices also. The iPhone user will need to use the same app you choose as they would need to do with WeChat.

Republic’s numbers aren’t virtual, however, they are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). For more on that, please see this previous Community discussion thread: Republic Wireless number not accepted for security verification codes on banking sites and by other services.

If no WiFi is available, you’ll need a Republic plan that includes cell data for Internet access. If more detail on that is desired, please open the Republic app on your phone and share with us the words describing your current plan underneath your phone number. If you don’t see your phone number after opening the Republic app, please swipe left until you see the “Your Phone Info” screen.


Trying to video chat to show an apartment. Will try Skype

In addition to the Google apps I suggested, Skype is a viable option.

You may also be able to use Facebook messenger if both parties have Facebook and the messenger app.

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