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I turn off all apps from using data with the exception of Whatsapp. I need to have that on as it is my main means of communicating with daughter. In looking at the apps there are so many android and google apps that can be turned on or off. Which ones are necessary to have turned on so I can use my phone and texting when I don’t have wifi access? I have the moto G3 with refund .05 plan

You need to leave whatever messaging app you are using, the phone app and both Republic Apps (Republic Wireless and Republic Telephony) enabled.

the following list is a good starting point

Some of the bundled apps that you may consider disabling include Assist, Cloud Print, Drive, Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Newsstand, Google+, Hangouts, HP Print Service Plugin, Motorola Alert, and Motorola Migrate. Rule of thumb, if you don’t know for sure, leave the app enabled.

this is from @carlh blog post linked below


To be clear here, I was assuming that you were talking about blocking data, not disabling apps. If you’re referring to disabling apps, please ignore me.

even if it’s just blocking data from apps the list in @carlh post is still a good starting point


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