What apps can I safely uninstall to get more storage space?

I need more storage space on my Moto G 1st Gen. phone. Can I uninstall Gboard, Google +, HP Print Serv Plug-in, Cloud Print, FM Radio, CQATest, Bluetooth Share, Print Spooler, Hidden Menu, com.android.wallpapercropper? There are so many apps whose function and importance I do not know or understand. What else can I safely delete?

the blog below give the best advice I’v seen
I would not disable Gboard as it’s you phones keyboard

Some of the bundled apps that you may consider disabling include Assist, Cloud Print, Drive, Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Newsstand, Google+, Hangouts, HP Print Service Plugin, Motorola Alert, and Motorola Migrate. Rule of thumb, if you don’t know for sure, leave the app enabled.

Thank you. So far so good.

You may also want to consider substituting the provider’s mobile website for a dedicated app. For example I use http://m.facebook.com instead of the Facebook app. You can save a Chrome shortcut on the home screen and it will often use the same icon as the app. I have about a dozen “apps” that i’ve substituted this way.


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