What are correct setting for galaxy S7 to do texting over voice only

I have a Galaxy S7 phone. It seems to only do TEXT Messaging over data. I want it to use the VOICE ONLY and no the DATA system. How should it be set for Messaging to allow only voice? This is a problem when I’m roaming.

first the Samsung Messaging app is not supported with the way Republic handles it’s hybrid WiFi/Cell Texting it is recommend to use Google Messenger or another third party app that supports System API for MMS

Samsung Messaging will not support MMS and can display your underlying number instead of your republic number

second all Republic 3.0 text are IP based (i.e. Data) and Data connection (either WiFi or Cell) so Cell data and Roaming data needs to be left on in the Android setting (you can turn off cell data in the Republic app)

this data is not counted against your tier amount

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