What are my options for changing phone plan?

I have a Moto X1 currently on the 2.0 refund plan. I’m considering trying the new Huawei phone offered using the 3.0 plan. If the Huawei doesn’t work out, and I return it during my trial period, can I reinstate the 2.0 plan with my Moto X? Could I reinstate the Moto X using the 1.0 plan if I kept the Huawei? I originally had the 1.0 plan before switching to 2.0.

in order to get 1.0 with a new number on the Moto X need to

1st) ask for your 1 time switch back though Republic support

2nd) order the 3.0 phone and activate as new line on your account

3rd) create a support ticket to swap the numbers but keeping the Moto X line active

Note doing this may cause a lost of call history or so I been told.

If step 1 is not done first it may still be possible after the number swap as long as the 3.0 was a new line

if the new phone is activated as a replace/upgrade then the reactivated Moto X will be on 2.0 (there is no 1.0 option this way)

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