What are my options for using my current number while repairs are done?


My micro usb port broke (a pin is missing) and will not charge my Moto X 1st generation. While I am sending this question I am also looking for a place that can repair the port within a day (good luck w/ that). I use this phone for my business and need to communicate hourly with clients. If I cannot get a quick repair, what options do I have? I have no idea if this is possible, but thinking can I buy a prepaid phone and port my RW phone # temporarily while the Moto X is repaired? Or, I have an ancient Moto Defy XT from RW. Would I be able to temporarily use that while I get the Moto X repaired?


Hi @ppkj

Don’t have much time, but the Defy XT can no longer be reactivated on RW.

You might be kinda stuck, but hopefully one of the community’s brilliant minds will come along with a solution for you.

Good Luck.

Edit: I was rushed for time earlier, so sorry about that. As someone who relies on my mobile phone for work, I would like to take the opportunity to suggest that anyone on RW , (2.0 in particular), should always have a backup device because things happen. I realize you did in effect have a backup (Defy XT) but, unfortunately that is no longer a viable option, being that it is a retired Beta device.

On 3.0, there are brick and mortar stores that sell compatible phones so not as big of an issue.

Wishing you a speedy resolution.


Porting a number can take precious time you don’t have. Would you consider buying a used Republic Wireless phone?


Also found this:



If your phone still has some charge, setup Voicemail Forwarding to a number that can receive calls. At least in this way you can receive some calls:


Unfortunately, most of my clients text me for appts and questions and I have zero charge. But thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks for your input!!! :slight_smile:


Yes, already looking into this. Just trying to have something until a new phone was delivered. Thanks for you help!!!


Hi @ppkj,

It won’t help with receiving either calls or text messages, however, you can see who’s attempting to contact you by reviewing online call history when signed into your Republic account: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless. You’d then be able to call or text message these numbers back from another phone.

In my opinion porting your Republic number to another provider’s burner phone temporarily or obtaining a previously used Republic phone are likely to take about the same amount of time. I’d suggest the latter as it would give you a plan B if a similar unfortunate experience should occur in the future. Particularly, for a business, redundancy is a good thing. Obtaining a previously used Republic phone may be the better option also if keeping the plan currently on your Moto X1 is important to you.


Through personal experience with RW and transferring my number between RW phones, took only a few minutes for the phone to make the transfer.

I was switching from Moto Pure to RW Moto G1 and back again to Moto Pure, on several occasions. It took less than 10 minutes for the number to transfer to the “upgraded/replacement” phone.

Once all apps were updated, had to restart the phone for the phone to ring when called other than that it was a very smooth transition between phones.


Of course, but all of the above presumes one has the phone one is switching to in hand. What, I’m saying is transferring a number to another provider’s burner phone and obtaining a previously used Republic phone from an e-commerce site would take roughly the same amount of time.


Thank you so much for the info!!! I have learned a hard lesson. I am a new business owner and never considered this would happen (kinda dumb…I know). Can you tell me if I get a used RW phone does it have to be a Moto X like I currently have? Can I just remove the broken Moto X sim card and place it in the new phone? Or do I need to get another sim card? Sorry…I’m really challenged with all this stuff.


Where you at @ppkj (zip). I have a few CDMA devices lying around for situations like this. :slight_smile:

Would be happy to loan you one.

(Just in case @rolandh is not around, no. On 2.0 device the SIM card must stay with the phone. Any used device that does not have it’s original sim card will require RW to send you a new one.)


Wow…that’s so nice!!! I am in Lomita, CA 90717.


Would it be a good idea for me to just order a new one now even though I don’t know which phone I am going to get? Can I keep my current #?



St. Louis, Mo. Thought maybe if you were across a river in either direction it might be feasible.


Thanks any way…that is super sweet of you!!!


Of course you could keep your number, you own it.

I am confused by your first sentence, unless you mean CDMA vs. GSM?.


Sorry, I’m super dopey on all this stuff!!! I don’t know which used RW phone I am going to get as of right now. Will I need a new SiM card if it is a 2.0 used phone and it doesn’t have the original SiM card? Does that make sense? I’m thinking from what you replied…“On 2.0 device the SIM card must stay with the phone. Any used device that does not have it’s original sim card will require RW to send you a new one.” that I may need a new SIM card and to save time should I order one now? Or am I making no sense??? Also, what does 2.0 device mean exactly? If it’s too confusing or technical no need in trying to explain. :slight_smile:


Not at all @ppkj

When RW started out, they heavily modified manufacturer’s device with a proprietary ROM (read-only memory, meaning, it cannot be written to).

The problem was, it took forever to get new devices out to it’s customers because of all the hoops it had to jump through. Those phone are categorized as 2.0 devices. They can use both the 1.0/2.0 service plans…(your X1 is a 2.0 device).

RW decided to get out of the ROM, in order to expand to a wider audience, therefore, 3.0 plans and devices.
Since RW no longer has to modify the software (ROM), they can offer many more phones without the wait for approval because they are “unlocked”, meaning they are basically generic, and can be used across multiple providers, without restriction.

Hope that helps a little, I know it’s a brief synopsis, but that’s all I got… :slight_smile:


Awesome…totally understand it. Very good explanation for the technically challenged!!! Thanks so much!!!