What are there two APN options for Republic?

Why two? What’s the difference?

Republic (wholesale)
Republic IMS (ims)

You shouldn’t touch, select, alter or care about the Republic APNs. On a supported phone, the Republic App manages the APN settings. On an unsupported phone there is no authorization to use Republic services and so Republic does not share or publish APN settings.

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We do not go into APN settings but we do work with multiple SMS apps for your phone. The apps 1st and foremost must support the System API which was designed for companies that work like we do. If the app works with the System API it may work but if we do not support the app then it will get a warning. The APN settings are managed by our app so no need to worry about them.

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Wow. Thanks Dad.

Thank you Sean for the appropriate response.


Here’s a post by the OP asking about using the Republic App on Cyanogen and other custom ROMs: Can someone verify the Republic 3.0 app works with Cyanogenmod 13/14?

At very least, this means that the OP knows what an APN is.

At the very most it means the OP was asking about the APNs because the Republic App isn’t working and they’re trying to make things work without it.

In any case, I conveyed the same information that Sean conveyed a few posts later.

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