What battery-replaceable phone does RW support?

I have a Moto X Pure Edition phone that I bought from Republic Wireless. The battery is dead, and apparently cannot be replaced. Which means the phone seems to be headed for the landfill unless I can find someplace that disassembles and reused the components of these things.

I will not buy another phone that does not have a replaceable battery. What can I get that is supported by RW?

Hi @bobh.zakzkv,

If your Moto X Pure has a GSM SIM card and you’re planning to activate a replacement phone by moving that SIM card to the new phone in order to stay on our My Choice plan, then you can refer to this list maintained (mostly) by one of our tireless Community members. The “rem batt” column is meant to indicate that the battery is removable.

If, however, you’re planning to buy one of our new 5.0 Plans, that opens up quite a wider range of options, but I don’t personally know which phones have removable batteries. If you’ll let us know if you are planning to upgrade to 5.0, perhaps some of our more knowledgeable Community Members will chime in to name some great phones that fit this requirement.

The battery can be replaced in the MXP, it’s just not super easy to do. My friend has an MXP that he loves on Republic and has replaced the battery on that phone at least once due to swelling and poor performance due to age.
Ifixit (as usual) has a walkthrough if you want to give it a go.

For what it’s worth, smart phones with purposely user replaceable batteries are basically unicorns or tend to be cheap models. Part of this is because companies don’t want the user to replace them and part of it is under the guise of making phones smaller and more reliable.
The Fairphone is a notable exception and is a cool development but doesn’t matter for a RW customer obviously (and it’s still a unicorn haha).

If you move to the new 5.0 plans, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro (SM-G715A, SM-G715U, SM-G715U1) is reportedly supported. I have no experience with it. I didn’t even know it existed prior to looking for phones with removable batteries.