What can I do about text messages with an MMS to download that keep coming from a Texas number?

What can I do about text/MMS spam on my RW phone? I get a couple of mystery MMS messages every day which I report as spam and block. Does RW work with google to stop this annoyance?

Between RW’s blocking and using hiya, I have reasonable control over my incoming calls. I’d like to have the same sort of coverage for my texts.


Sadly, generally, not much other than what you’re already doing.

Do these mystery messages come from 10-digit numbers, short codes or both?

Per se, no and neither to the best of my knowledge do other service providers. Google’s spam blocking is Google’s thing. Republic’s current spam blocking blocks calls but not text messages.

Out of curiosity, what is the brand, model and generation of the phone you currently use with Republic?

The mystery messages always come from 10-digit (often Texas) numbers. They have no body and an MMS payload which I never open. They all get the “report as spam/block” treatment.

I’m using the current Samsung A21.

Hi @bsquared,

Is there any indication, those mystery messages might be from Republic? If so, it’s possible they aren’t spam. Please see here:

Hmmm. The RW app wasn’t in the list of apps to not put to sleep, so I added it. If the mystery texts are from the RW app, it would be better to send a plain, non-MMS message saying ‘Hi, This is RW. Your RW app is asleep, please wake it up’ :wink: Thanks for your help.

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