What case to use for the Huawei Ascend 5w?

The Huawei Ascend 5w is a new phone and i can’t specifically search for phone cases under that name.

Anyone know of what related model of Huawei phone cases might fit for this newer model?

I just want to have a case for it before I start using it.

Leads me to the age old ?, chicken or egg first.

Once the phone hits the streets cases from China that fit should be available. Unless a real klutz use it in a gingerly manor until a case is available. I’m a true believe in cases, that’s been my SOP and never incurred damage during the short use sans a case.

I already ordered a case for the Honor 5x, from what I can find online this is the same phone as the Ascend. Fingers crossed it fits!

Did someone figure this out?

ping @jonathang.huso8x did the case you bought fit the Ascend?

@robinb.9xj4it ,

I’m a current Ascend 5W user and can confirm the Honor 5X cases fit well. Using a Tudia after reading a recommendation in this discussion link…HUawei Ascend 5W Phone Case

HUawei Ascend 5W Phone Case at Amazon

TUDIA Slim-Fit MERGE Dual Layer Protective Cover Case for Huawei Honor 5X | eBay at eBay

It did, my full review is in the case discussion linked here… HUawei Ascend 5W Phone Case

Second the recommendation for the Tudia. We have 4 Ascend phones and have tried the grid style (Innovaa/Leevin), Spigen, and Tudia. I prefer the 2 layer Tudia. The Spigen is great as well, but must be slightly modified to not press the buttons accidentally.

HUawei Ascend 5W Phone Case

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