What cell carriers does Republic use?

People who use Verizon get good service at my home, but when PG&E cuts my power and my router is off I get no service. What cell carriers does Republic use?

Hi @michaelb.7apvmj and welcome to the Community!

Depending upon phone and location, Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile.

Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint. Cellular coverage is provisioned with one partner or the other not both simultaneously.

I don’t get coverage from either of those carriers at my home. Is there any way to set my phone up to use Verizon, which does work where I live,

Hi @michaelb.7apvmj,

Not as a Republic Wireless member, unless you wanted to get a bit complicated and purchase a hotspot powered by Verizon to use during power outages.

Before you go to that effort or switch to another provider, could I send you a different SIM card so you could test coverage through our partnership with Sprint? Have you tried it at your home recently?

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I think Sprint is more likely to have coverage in my rural area then T-Mobile so yes I would like to try the new sim card. I had no coverage during the power outage a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll get that order placed for you in a few minutes (at no charge to you) and will update you later this evening when the tracking number is available. That follow-up message will be by direct message here in Community so that it’s not publicly visible.

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Thank you so much! PG&E is going to cut my power today so it will be a couple of days before I see your message.

Oh no! I’ve just sent you a personal message, to verify your address. Can you get to that before the power goes out?

Don’t post your address publicly, but reply privately, here:

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Hi @michaelb.7apvmj,

Have you been able to try the replacement SIM card yet? Do you have any questions about getting it activated?

Yes I did and am very pleased. I now get cell service at my home and expect it to be better in my local area but don’t know about that yet. Thanks for your help.

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