What coverage is there in central Oregon?


I’ve driven across central Oregon on U.S. Route 20 and discovered that there is no coverage there. That’s many miles of almost nothing. I’m wonder what options I have for coverage should I ever need help on the road.


Hi @vernr.zafwuk

A little more information would be helpful to answer that question. That said, there is most likely no carrier that covers every square mile of the continent.

If you could tell us which network GSM vs. CDMA and maybe some zip codes that are relevant to your travels, we may be able to offer some pertinent advice.



Looking at Burns Oregon it appears the GSM provider (T-Mobile) has nothing. The GSM provider (Sprint) shows roaming coverage with extended LTE for calls and messaging.


Hi vernr.zafwuk I travel 395 an 20 to burns That is a spoty coverage the best is us cellular an sprint There are places That the signal drops but not to often, I have a RW phone an a google fi
phone .So I am coverd very well


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