What current phone offered by Republic is closest to the older Motorolo MotoX and MotoX 2nd Gen?

I had the OG Moto X, loved it, but I lost it. So I replaced it with the MotoX 2nd gen. I loved it even more. The screen was slightly bigger, but not much bigger. Now my MotoX 2nd gen is on its way out after 4-5 years of use and I need to replace it.

Things I liked and would like to have on the new phone:
-Showing the lock/screen + notifications if you move the phone/phone senses motion
-NOT having android updates like every few weeks and after each update my icons get changed and more crapware gets loaded on (this is happening with my Samsung tablet)
-Just a normal no frills phone that doesn’t ■■■■.
-Having 2x lost phone functionality with both Google’s and Motorolas.

So what’s the best fit available these days that still still fit in my pocket and be <$350?


Hi @michaels.bye1p0 and welcome back to the Member Community. From some of your requirements it looks like you might want to review the Motorola line. Our household are long time Moto users and really like the Moto Display functions. There are lots of sites that you can use to compare phones. One I’ve used that seems to do a good job is https://www.gsmarena.com/

Here’s a link to the phones supported by Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

And here’s a link for a Comparison of Currently Offered Phones – Republic Help

I’m sure others will have some opinions too! Often boils down to “Google is your friend” for doing this type of research. Good luck!

Hi @michaels.bye1p0

It looks like you want to stay in the Moto family :slight_smile:

I too had the OG Moto X (Great phone!)
So, to try and narrow down a model you might like… let me ask you, did you use NFC on your Moto X’s? It’s used for Google pay and things like that. The reason I ask is that if that is a feature you need or want you’ll need to look at the Moto x4 or the Z line. I don’t think that any of the “G” or “E” series have NFC. :wink:

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I agree with the others who suggest you stay with Motorola. I went from the X Gen 1 to the G5+ and have been very happy.

One thing I would recommend is that you get 64GB internal memory. That gave me a huge improvement in usability over the X.

Once you’ve decided on a phone, check the prices elsewhere. If you want more internal memory, you can probably find the phone with you for less from another source. But be sure to read the article on getting the right model that is compatible with Republic – article on this web site!

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My Moto G7 is a solid no-frills phone. It takes great pictures and fits better in my pocket and hand than my old X2.

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