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OK so I got the Moto z play deal. The sim card isn’t working. I removed the republic sim and inserted my project Fi sim and it worked. I didn’t get this phone for my Google account YET. I’m planning on using the 6 months Free and maybe I’ll stay. I’ve been with republic since the defy. I still have 2 lines with republic. I’ve had sprint, I worked for sprint and I can say 100% sprints customer service is better. Keep in mind sprint is probably the lowest rated in customer service. For nearly 20 minutes yesterday I felt like I was playing who’s on first with a wall. If you’re not going to have a human approach to customer service and your online chats are all cut and paste then good luck with that. I could’ve ordered a new pixel over the phone from Verizon faster than it took the republic csr to be of zero help. I’m far from done.

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Are you getting the “SIM card undetectable” error message?

a) Did you try to re-seat your SIM card ?

b) Is your Republic Wireless App up to date?

I don’t think Google play would let me download a old version of the republic wireless app and I removed the sim card and my project Fi sim worked no problem so yeah, no luck. :frowning:

Was this a real-time chat with Republic Help…or do you have a help ticket open with RW?

If you already have a ticket open…

Please add following comment to your ticket

“On advice of a Community Ambassador, please attach to master ticket 1011806”


Sucks on the RW sim but I am curious, the Fi sim worked fine? Thats good to know

I opened a ticket yesterday and haven’t heard anything back yet. This was real time chat after I grew impatient with not even getting a ticket number or response emailed to me.

Yes I was able to make and receive calls and texts. After about a hour the phone said " to complete your project Fi registration" and I took the sim out. Not yet Fi, maybe in 6 months.

You can look at your open tickets here


Please add the comment that I noted above about the master ticket, to the same ticket.

If you already have a ticket open please don’t open another ticket.

Also, if you still haven’t received a response to that ticket, please note your ticket number over here.

If you don’t see it over there, then I would recommend opening a new ticket


…and add the comment that I noted above about the master ticket.

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Hi @derekande ,

I’m not seeing a ticket on the account you are using to log into Community. If you haven’t been able to submit a ticket using or form, please send an E-mail to help@republicwireless.com. The problem with your SIM card is easily resolved, but we need a ticket we can work through.

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Ya I am just awaiting for someone to get back with me, I gave them a pic of my sim and gave them the 20 digit number. I just want someone to say, we have received your reply, we will be back with you in _____ time period. This is crazy, if you are gonna be a cool techy company with no phone number it needs to keep me informed at all times. I am just waiting in the dark, it’s ridiculous.

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Hi @brentb.b61n8z,

I’ve escalated your ticket asking that it receive urgent attention. I apologize for the delay you have experienced. Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to help you.

I submitted another ticket and within 2 minutes I received a email response. Hopefully this time it will be successful.

Thank you

@derekande: I know that this doesn’t make things better for you, but just thought I would post a positive experience with RW support for a similar situation. I recently had a SIM card get accidentally deactivated so opened a ticket with RW. After trying multiple configuration options they determined it was the SIM (I wasn’t convinced) so immediately sent me a new one and the new SIM solved the problem. So, for a system that doesn’t have direct phone support, it worked quite well for me.

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Thank you, good to know. I’m fairly confident the sim is no good seeing neither of my phones will recognise it.

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While your Fi SIM will work, the phone is GSM only so the primary benefit of Fi is gone as the phone both A) Can’t load the Fi App and b) even if it could, can’t connect to the CDMA network, so no Sprint or US Cellular, so at that point you’ve got a pure T-Mobile phone.

Don’t hold your breath. Someone got back to me on the sim and they were very helpful and mailed out a new SIM. I’m going on 13 hours of waiting to finish activating. I opened a ticket and got a quick reply the rep merged the tickets. My account now shows the phone as deactivated. OK, it was never activated in the first place.

Hi @derekande ,

Our Republic Wireless Status page indicates an issue provisioning/activating lines yesterday through part of today, but indicates the problem is now resolved. There may possibly be some lingering effects for those who attempted to activate while the issue was ongoing.

If you are still not able to activate the phone, please let me know your ticket number and I’ll make sure someone looks into it as quickly as possible. If the issue resulted in your SIM card being deactivated, I’ll arrange for a replacement to be overnighted to you at our expense.

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