What do I do after getting my phone wet?

Dropped my phone into water, fully submerged. Can’t find the battery to take it out (guess you can’t take out the moto G battery), so not sure what I am suppose to do? Anyone else had this happen? What did you do?

First, don’t apply power to the phone until you are confident it is dry. Here is a solution that fixed a phone for a friend of mine:

  1. Get some Minute Rice. It absorbs moisture 20 times faster than ordinary rice.

  2. Warm the phone with a hair dryer. Water evaporates faster when warm.

  3. Bury the phone in the rice.

  4. Repeat steps 2 - 3 every few hours for two or three days.

If in fact a G3, it is supposed to be water resistant to a depth of one meter and may work once dried off.

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