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I received an ad to get a G4Play for $50 off. I was told I could put the code at checkout. I never saw the place to put the code. I was charged full price. How do I get the discount?

It is a bit hidden at checkout, you have to click the edit payment button, and then the code link. In any case, you’ll have to work with support to make this happen. You can do so here: Republic Help

Hi @andrewu.8ho7rd,

The option to enter a redemption code is presented as a not terribly obvious link in step 5 of the ordering process:

Perfectly understandable how one might miss that. Please raise a help ticket with Republic staff to get this sorted: Republic Help.

I received the same ad. I did find the place to add the discount. But it told me it was only good on my first phone, and would not proceed to checkout. I tried again and entered the code to only then have it tell me invalid. I do have two phones on my account. Not sure if did get new phone how to make it go to correct account. Needless to say did not get new phone due to no discount.

We’ve seen a couple of reports of this and it was solved by entering the code in all caps. If you’re still interested, give that a try.

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