What do I really need? [Waze/GPS issue]


My moto G Play meets most of my needs except: Doesn’t have precise GPS so I can’t use Waze fully and it doesn’t have compass ability, What are the functional capabilities of each model aside from camera quality and storage capability??


The capabilities of the GPS should be as precise as any of the other available phones, although movement direction has to be determined by GPS increments rather than the compass. If you’re having GPS issues, it’s likely not the phone, but you should be looking at other things.


Hi @earlh!

That’s a whole lot of information that would take a lot of space (and time) to post here! I would recommend using a website like http://www.phonearena.com/phones to compare phones side by side. You can also view each phone individually here: Top Android Smartphones, payment plans optional | Republic Wireless . Hope that helps!



When I tell Waze to navigate it says “No GPS, approximate locations”. When
I set it up with Waze it gave me instructions to "set GPS to high accuracy"
or something to that effect, and I couldn’t find any way to adjust or
change GPS settings. What other things should I look at. I used waze
with my old moto-x and it told me to turn in 50 feet etc but with the G
doesn’t give precise instructions until after I have missed the turn…


Sounds like you simply don’t have high precision GPS enabled. Go to Settings > Location. Tap on “Mode” Select “High accuracy”


WOW, talk about a lot of information!!! Is it safe to say all the phones
have the same technical capability. The only variables are camera,
storage, battery, connect ability and construction. That they can all do
the same thing, but just not as fast, or smooth or for as long? You see
what I mean?


It says “high accuracy”


Go to Settings – Applications and find Waze. When you do, touch it and then Permissions, is Location enabled?


Absolutely. However, there are just too many variables to list every phone on here.


Yes, location is on


Can you please try another mapping app, maybe Google Maps, does it have the same issue?


I feel like an idiot. I uninstalled Waze and re-installed it and now works
great. Thanks for your help.


Great! That was going to be my suggestion when we found that Maps worked!


Actually Maps doesn’t appear to work as it drop GPS connection but I prefer


I was about to suggest HERE HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS


Haven’t used it in a while @bocephous… (don’t really use a lot of cell data so Maps works for me.)

I always found it to be an excellent ‘offline’ (and held it’s own ‘online’ with Maps) navigation tool. I’m going to do some local long-distance travel, think I’ll revisit that app.


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