What do those of us on Annual Payment do for new plans?

…and those of us on an annual plan.

can stay on their current plan or can work with republic wireless to get a prorated refund and transfer to the new plans


Perfect. Is this documented somewhere? Perhaps in the email I haven’t received yet?

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from the opening post FAQ (updated 11/2/21)


Yes, I read that. Now looking for specifics. All good…I’ll be patient!



I can work on getting you specifics if you can be more specific about what your question is, please.

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Never mind, I found the answer to my question. It looks like RW is not ready for me to change to the new plan yet; they are working on an easy way to upgrade. The current method looks very complex. No problem, I’ll just wait a while.


I think I found what I need. Just working thru the apparent need to use a new email for the new plan.

Southpaw, a question about annual payment and Beta discount. I am on the My Choice plan with annual payment option. I am also a Beta member so I get the 10% discount off the annual charge. I see that there are statements that the Beta discount does not stack with other discounts, so does that mean that it will no longer reduce the annual price by 10%?

The statement is in reference to the new plans. The new plans do not currently have an annual option so that conflict won’t exist. However if you choose a 2 line plan with the second line discounted at 50%, then you would not get the additional 10% off.

so my understanding of the beta discount is it can only be used on a single line that does not already have a discount $20-$40 or $60 plans. So if I go from the my choice 4.0 unlimited talk and text +1gb to the 5.0 plan with unlimited talk and text and 1gb, then the beta discount would apply (but would need to contact support to apply it and whatever prorated months are left on your prepaid annual plan, which is no longer being offered.)

“louisdi - The new plans do not currently have an annual option so that conflict won’t exist.” So what you are saying is there IS a stacking conflict with the older My Choice plans with getting the Beta discount stacked onto the annual discount. So my annual cost will increase since I will not be able to get both the annual pay discount and the Beta discount.

@gator73 Please re-read my first sentence:

Still not clear. Let me try and state my question another way. Going forward, will annual prepay pricing “get 12 months of service for 10 months charge” still have the Beta discount applied as it has been previously? Stated another way, $20/month would be $180 + taxes and fees for annual service.

Hi @gator73,

Are you asking about your now grandfathered plan? Nothing, including billing, changes on grandfathered plans.

I’m not sure why this isn’t clear. If you stay on the plan you’re on, nothing changes. The announced changes apply to the new plans only.

Just make sure you aren’t using a CDMA sim and need to move the line to a new phone. There is no path for that without migrating to the new plans.

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Another question for those of us on an annual plan: I understand the amount left on an annual plan can be applied to a new plan. I also understand that once I leave My Choice, I can’t go back. Further, I understand there is a 30-day money back guarantee on the new plans if they aren’t satisfactory. What happens if I apply the remainder of my annual plan to a new plan and then find the new plan doesn’t work out?

You should try the new plan before applying your annual balance and moving your number. The annual balance is being applied as a credit to new service and is not a refund.

So, order a new SIM using a new account and accepting a new number. If it works out, cancel within 30-days, then order another new SIM to move your number to.

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@gator73, do you feel like your question was answered fully?