What do we do about Other Data?

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This is actually my husband’s issue. He just discovered that the RW app shows that he used a large amount of data categorized as “other data” on the first day of our billing cycle. In searching, I found other people having this issue, as well as this help document which makes it sound like it could be the cumulative data used from the previous billing cycle.

My question is, what do we do about it? Will it go away on it’s own? Should he reinstall the RW app? Do we need to contact billing folks?


This has happened a few times recently and is erroneous reporting only, the data isn’t actually confused. Please try this, open the dialer, as if making a call, and enter *#*#8647#*#* it should quickly clear off the screen. When it does, please restart the phone. Any change to the reporting?

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No change. He followed the prompts and ended up restarting 4 times.

I would recommend that you submit a help ticket to get it sorted out.


Thank you. He hadn’t gotten around to it yet, but his data is back to where it should be as of today. We’re not sure what prompted it, but glad it happened.

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Hi @Rood15,

We did discover a system issue today that caused data not to renew properly on the billing cycle date, and it was fixed this afternoon.

Thanks for your patience in the matter!

Today was the beginning of my new billing cycle. I work from home and use Wi-Fi most of the time. Today I drove with my GPS for 90 minutes. Looked at FB for about 10 minutes because I have a 45 minute/day limit set for myself. I was at the beach, didn’t use my phone, took a nap and went to take some pictures and a message came up that I had used up all of my data. I can’t get anyone to chat with me and I have turned in a HELP ticket. This has never happened before. I never use up my data in a month, although sometimes I come close a day or two before the new cycle begins.

When you view your data usage in the Republic App what does it say consumed the data?

Other data.

Ok, I’ll get your ticket in front of someone. Are you in desperate need of data now, or are you somewhere with Wi-Fi?

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I have Wi-Fi for now.

Thank you!

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It’s fixed! Thank you!!!

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