What do you care about?


We care about our members, which we’ve hopefully demonstrated throughout the years, we also care about the community where our employees live and work. We take this responsibility very seriously as we strive to make things better - both for our members and our community at large.

We have a committee at Republic called Republic Cares whose sole responsibility is to work on ways to engage Republic employees to become active participants in our community. Every year we donate to Boys & Girls Club, we build houses with Habitat for Humanity, deliver meals for Meals on Wheels, have food drives for the local Food Bank, among other things.

Most recently, we changed things up a bit by hosting a charity Footgolf tournament. Don’t know what footgolf is? It’s soccer golf! That’s right, it’s played on a golf course, we ‘tee’ off from the ladies tees by kicking a soccer ball, and there are holes large enough to fit a soccer ball. It’s a blast!

We had over 30 Republic employees participate. And 100% of the proceeds went to the Movember Foundation - the men’s health awareness organization. Being able to support an amazing organization while also having a great time among colleagues (plus a bit of friendly competition) is what it’s all about!

(The tournament was the day after Halloween, so many people dressed up!)

We had an awesome 2017 here at Republic - we had over 75 employees volunteer and have collected over $3,700 in donations. We’d like to hear from you…

How do you stay involved in your community? What organizations do you support and love? What causes should we support next year?


I have assisted the local Special Olympics (http://www.somi.org/) in running events (including developing tools to help with setup track distances)
I’m also a supporter of the Boy/Cub Scouts of America (volunteering time and donations) (https://www.scouting.org/) (I also make donations to the Girl scouts)
I usually put a few weekends processing food donations for Forgotten Harvest (https://www.forgottenharvest.org/)
My wife crochets blankets, hats and gloves, scarfs for a local chapter of Volunteers of Warm up America (http://warmupamerica.org/) which donate them to different shelters around the area

edit to correct name the charity my wife puts time in to


I sometimes donate to the Oklahoma Blood Institute. However, no matter wherever I live, I will always be @aFloridian :slight_smile:.

I have in the past donated blood to the Red Cross as well. Both of them are needed organizations. I think the Red Cross blood donations were especially very important during Hurricane Harvey and etc., and I like that my blood supports people in my very own state when I donate through the Oklahoma Blood Institute (I get more vital signs checked as well).


Thanks for sharing @drm186! Great causes to support, you clearly stay busy!

Ha! I love your loyalty to FLO-RIDA @aFloridian – awesome that you donate blood, very worthy cause!


I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and work with the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy. As arts budgets in schools get smaller, and the push for more classroom time on standardized testing grows, the arts often find themselves squeezed out. The Eastern Iowa Arts Academy helps fix that problem by offering after school arts classes at schools around Cedar Rapids, free of charge. Classes cover a range of disciplines from ceramics to shadow puppets, to string quartets. It is an awesome organization and relies on the generosity of partners who are committed to the power of the arts to enrich lives and grow confident, creative students. Their website is eiaaprogram.com.