What do you think about Google's new AI calling technology (Google Duplex)?


It seems like Google’s new AI is going to do a lot of calling to humans in the near future. Please listen to all of the audio clips in the link below. What are your thoughts on this technology?

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Every Speech teacher I have had is cringing right now.
Ummm…ahh. Verbal clutter!

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Buddy of mine heard those audio samples too.

“Google Duplex is Skynet!”

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I think it’s neat, but I can see people abusing it easily. Especially being one who answers a phone occasionally and takes an order, I can see someone using this and then, since they actually didn’t make the call, deciding not to pick up their order. We will be left holding the bag then. It was really neat though!


I think that Google Duplex is awesome in terms of its technological feat, but I believe this technology is only for specific, predetermined tasks. I don’t see these assistants being able to maintain meaningful, 1 hour long conversations. However, in the summer of this year, these assistants are going to be part of our reality, and I don’t think they’re going to go away either.

LOL. I let someone listen to 2 audio clips of Google Duplex speaking with a person. I didn’t tell the person which one was human and which one was a robot, and they said if they hadn’t known before that one of them was a robot, they would’ve been fooled into believe Google Duplex was a human.

I saw last night that because Google Duplex records the calls and because some states have eavesdropping laws, Google Duplex will have to let people at least know in those states that their calls are being recorded, so at least those people will know they’re talking with a robot. Also, at least for now, I’ve read different reports that indicate that Google might be initially letting people know some way that they are talking to a robot.

Also, I had in the back of my mind this quote when I was researching about Google Duplex from a Ted Talk called “Let’s teach for mastery – not test scores” by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy:

(This quote starts 9:13 into the video.)
"In the industrial age, society was a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid, you needed human labor. In the middle of the pyramid, you had an information processing, a bureaucracy class, and at the top of the pyramid, you had your owners of capital and your entrepreneurs and your creative class. But we know what’s happening already, as we go into this information revolution. The bottom of that pyramid, automation, is going to take over. Even that middle tier, information processing, that’s what computers are good at. So as a society, we have a question: All this new productivity is happening because of this technology, but who participates in it?

Is it just going to be that very top of the pyramid, in which case, what does everyone else do? How do they operate? Or do we do something that’s more aspirational? Do we actually attempt to invert the pyramid, where you have a large creative class, where almost everyone can participate as an entrepreneur, an artist, as a researcher? And I don’t think that this is utopian. I really think that this is all based on the idea that if we let people tap into their potential by mastering concepts, by being able to exercise agency over their learning, that they can get there."


Yea. Such things are illegal in many states.
You are not allowed to record a phone call without consent of both parties.
(despite the fact that there are many free and paid apps that u can put on your phone that record calls well enough and give no notice to anyone)

My Obi200 SIP VoIP device has an option to record calls and I use it every-time I make a important call to some company so that I have a record proof of the conversation. It gives no indication its recording the call, as it is just downloading the data stream to pc. And anyway, u dont have to notify such companies of recording the call cause they already are recorded by them anyway “for quality assurance and training purposes”, so its assumed.

This has saved me 2x with Comcast reps offering me something and promising a certain price etc, then the bill comes and its wrong, and then they try to claim I was never told what I was told. I play back recording, and it shuts them down immediately.

Anyway, I also see folks messing with such AI bots like Google Duplex. Trolling. Trying to make them go mad…etc. There already has been some AI test projects that man had to shutdown due to it going off the rails and starting to get racists, or even negative toward the human race all by it self. Such a thing like Skynet is a real possibility!


Below are some substantial questions about this Google Duplex demo. Now I’m honestly not sure if it was real.

"When you call a business, the person picking up the phone almost always identifies the business itself (and sometimes gives their own name as well). But that didn’t happen when the Google assistant called these “real” businesses:

When the hair salon picks up, a woman says: “Hello, how can I help you?”
When the restaurant picks up, a woman says: “Hi, may I help you?”

Axios called over two dozen hair salons and restaurants — including some in Google’s hometown of Mountain View — and every one immediately gave the business name.

There also does not seem to be ambient noise in either recording, such as hair dryers or plates clattering. We heard that in most of the businesses we called, but not in all.

Finally, neither the hair salon nor the restaurant ask for the customer’s phone number or any other contact information."

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Thanks @SpeedingCheetah. After reading that article, I have changed my mind, and I do believe that the Google Duplex demo was real. The link you shared answered the questions that were in my mind about Google Duplex that I had read in other articles.


PSA … if interested, a University level intro to AI that is purported to take approx 30 hours provided by University of Helsinki …(its in English, and Free)

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