What does 'Republic 3.0' mean? Don't know if our phones are 3.0 or not

Tried a search and couldn’t find a straightforward answer, and logged into our account(both using a computer and the phone apps). We have no idea what a ‘Republic 3.0 phone’ is, nor do we know whether either of our phones are classified as such. Apparently, this will inform us whether our phones are ‘unlocked’ should we choose to switch to a more economical carrier. I am using a Moto G7 Power, my wife uses an older Moto X, Black, 1st Generation phone. Are both/either of these phones classified as ‘Republic 3.0’? And are they both ‘unlocked’ to enable switching carriers?

Your Moto G7 Power is a 3.0 phone, and is unlocked to any carrier capable of accepting it. Your wife’s Moto X 1st generation phone is not a 3.0 phone, and can only be used on Republic Wireless.

A list of all Republic Wireless compatible phones can be found at: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005789107-Republic-Wireless-Phones

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