What does the H mean on the signal strength

The icon the the left of the bars keeps getting an H and x randomly. Then some times it will tell me I have no cell data available even though I really have 1.5 gig left.

The correct answer is here:

Why does my phone display H or H+ instead of 4g… | T-Mobile Support

That actually does not answer the question as the responses in that link make it sound like the phone is still usable when it happens on my Republic Wireless phone I cannot get any data.

Hi @kariv

Sorry to hear that it doesn’t match what you are seeing. On another note, how is the signal strength in general?

Since you say it is keeps switching, is your signal low by chance? If the signal is low, the phone may not be connecting enough to pass data properly between the phone and tower.

Do you mind sharing your zip code? I’m curiousness what the coverage maps look like around where you are.

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“H” which indicates they’re on a HSPA network,
“H+” which indicates they’re on a HSPA+ network.

The answer provided to this question in this post is interesting and you may find it helpful:

The last paragraph sums it up nicely, a lot will depend on the phone’s capabilities. For example: The area I live has Edge, when I was using Moto Pure, it did very well with Edge, good cell connection and data. When I changed to Samsung S7 (ironically also called Edge), it did poorly, would drop calls and there was no data. In order to get good cell service I had to change from GSM to CDMA for S7. So the capabilities of my S7 were not sufficient for Edge network. Now when I drove about 10 miles away I was getting HSPA on my Moto Pure, but I could not send an MMS while connected to HSPA or make a call. Why, I was barely getting the signal. it would switch from H to LTE to nothing quickly. This was a sure indication that I was on the fringes of the towers range.

My best guess is, since your phone is going from H to no coverage, you’re probably not close enough to the cell tower for the phone to get a good signal.

It happens in my area and it did it a lot throughout all if lower MN and
IA. I am in 54303 WI. My biggest issue us that both my husband and I are
on Republic Wireless and it does not happen to him at all. I believe it us
because he has a Motorola and I have the Nexus 6p. It happens every time
my signs is lower and will not reset timely even when I am in a high signal

Are you sure you husband Moto is also GSM,
Both Wisconsin and Iowa have bad coverage for Republic 3.0 GSM partner, Iowa is a big red flag as republic will be roaming [no data] while it GSM partner will treat it as native [which confused the phone and it should have a roaming R there but doesn’t] [ Iwireless let’s T-Mobile use it’s towers as native but T-Mobile’s MVNO [like Republic] will be roaming and no data.

I vaguely recall my husband was remaining on the existing CDMA when we got
our new phone upgrades but that my phone was only available GSM. Does this
mean the only way to get better service through Republic is to buy a
different phone that does allow for the other type of service? I remember
the choices being more limited and I love my phone (when it works)!

Your Nexus 6p also has CDMA radios, a support ticket about coverage, and republic may reconfigure it for CDMA and send out a replacement SIM

On your phone, do you also have Data Roaming turned on?

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yes I made sure it was.

I think contacting RW about this as @drm186 suggested is the best thing to do.

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