What happened to my Ringtones folder?

Ok so adding your own ringtones used to be extremely simple: connect the phone, open Android File Transfer, scroll down to “Ringtones,” “Notifications,” or “Alarms,” put song in the folder, see it on the phone. Simple. Obvious. I grabbed a Moto X Pure last June and decided “it’s time, I want to switch the ringtone up.” When I connected it, I no longer see ANY of those folders. I’ve tried creating those folders and adding music to that but the phone doesn’t recognize it as being the REAL Ringtones folder. Am I S.O.L. or is there something I’m missing? Thanks for the help!

I was able to fix it by adding the folders on Windows under the media>audio folder (couldn’t move new folders using the Mac Android File Transfer which seems like a bad idea though I’m realizing as I type I could probably have created a new folder in the Mac Finder and then transfer the folder to where it’s supposed to go).

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