What happened to PWK emails?

The last email I have received from PWK was in February of 2016. I have not received any notification of a change. But now I only get emails/news directly from Republic. Is this normal? I still seem to have a PWK subscription thru Wordpress. On all the PWK pages there is blank to still sign up for PWK emails, but doing so takes one to a ‘Page not found’ notice. Is PWK now only a blog site and all communications directly come from Republic? Thanks.

Hi @pauleon,

The PWK blog is still being sent by E-mail. I tested a few E-mail addresses in the subscribe field and did find a few to fail as you described, and have passed that along to those responsible. If you’d like, I can ask the marketing team to look specifically for your E-mail address in their mailing list. It may be that you need to whitelist the sender with Yahoo. Some E-mail providers are particularly proactive about blocking messages that are sent to lists, and although our marketing team works diligently to ensure their mailings comply with all regulations and standards, sometimes the communications are still blocked.

not helpful to know but I still receive these mail just got one today even

*Moderator’s note: Marketing E-mail removed as it contained personal subscription management links. *

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