What happened to roaming?

I probably missed the memo - but what ever happened to RW phones roaming? Used to be if there was no Sprint service available, it would switch to a different carrier with double data rates.

Voice Roaming is included on all plans,
on 1.0 Plans the Roaming was removed after 2.0 plans cam out as roaming data was too costly
on 2.0 plans (where one pays fore what they used) Roaming data was there but at a 18.3 times normal value so at 27 cents per MB most people disabled it as it would eat there prepaid plan up in no time at all
on 3.0 and 4.0 plans roaming data was not an option


I can be standing next to a Verizon user and they have 3 or 4 bars and I have no service at all. In one location, I needed to do a WiFi hotspot and had to borrow a phone.

which phone and plan do you have?

not all phones will roam to Verizon only phones with CDMA SIM (or CDMA are only) will may use Verizon as a roaming partner (or 3rd party CDMA towers)
also note if you are using an older legacy phone they are CDMA only for voice (no VoLTE options) and Verizon has been in the process of shutting down CDMA for the last 2 years (complete shut down in December of this year) so Roaming on them will not be and option in the near future (and some have reported phones no longer roaming in areas they once did for this reason)

those phones with a GSM SIM will may Roaming on AT&T (or 3rd party GSM/LTE towers)

note all Roaming agreements are done locally so company tower may roam for you while a different tower from the same company may not

edit to calcify that a phone may roam on other towers

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Moto E4 with My Choice + 2 GB

can you look up what type of SIM you have (it will be in the republic app on the setting (:gear:) tab, under About option

It’s GSM - so I guess that’s the issue. Verizon is by far the best coverage in my area

Just to be clear, a CDMA SIM card would not provide you access to cellular data on Verizon’s network. Our cellular network partners are T-Mobile (GSM) and Sprint (CDMA). Our My Choice members experience voice roaming according to regional agreements between those networks and their roaming partners. Roaming data is not included for My Choice members.
We would be willing to look into whether Sprint’s coverage might be better than T-Mobile’s in your area. Would you like to provide your Zip code and the Community can take a look at coverage maps to see what they think? If you’d prefer not to share your Zip code publicly, you can ask for a coverage evaluation by contacting our Coverage team, as indicated in this article:

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Hello @mikes.pv3lxu

I see @southpaw has bear me to the punch but if you don’t mine could you post you Zip code and we can look up what your coverage with CDMA might be (vs GSM) or you could work though thet ticket system as directed in the help document southpaw has linked to

I would also like to reaffirm that there is no roaming data and voice roaming is handled by the carrier partner at local level (there is no guarantee that you be roaming on Verizon with CDMA as it could have a deal with a independent tower or local carrier)

My zip is 14463

I understand there’s no roaming data - I was getting no service at all

I know we can’t go back - but I do miss my old Defy XT and unlimited everything. :grinning:

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after looking at the carrier maps I would say it be ify if CDMA would be better or not
the CDMA (old Sprint map) voice

the CDMA (old Sprint map) data

and the GSM NVMO (T-Mobile)

on the Sprint data map the extend data is roaming data so no data coverage for Republic
looking at the GSM map in multiple place so weak (fair) sigal

It might be worth it to ask for a CDMA SIM just to test it out as in hand observed covers beats out computer generated maps, if you not finding better coverage with CDMA you can always go back to the GSM SIM with in 20 days

Not true ! I have Plan 2.0 with Moto X 2nd gen with sim CDMA-EvDo rev A network and being next to a Verizon tower and get nothing

Hi @rickt,

@drm186 statement that you’re proclaiming as “not true!” was not that all CDMA-provisioned phones would roam to Verizon, but that ONLY CDMA-provisioned phones would roam to Verizon. In other words, GSM-provisioned phones absolutely will not roam to Verizon. This is completely true.

It is also true, however, that Republic Wireless does not advertise, state, or suggest that our phones roam on Verizon’s network. We offer roaming where regional agreements between the carriers allow it. In some areas that means CDMA-provisioned phones can roam on Verizon’s network.


Republic doesn’t control which towers Sprint has an agreement to roam on with Verizon. Even before the T-Mobile acquisition Sprint was cutting its roaming agreements because of the cost. In addition, Verizon has been shutting down vast portions of its 3G network reducing the available roaming foot print in many cases. Just because you’re camping under a Verizon tower doesn’t mean that Sprint has an agreement to use that tower or that that tower broadcasts a signal on a band and/or technology that your phone is capable of. As a user of a Moto X2, which is a non-VoLTE phone, Verizon would prohibit you from connecting to any non-3G tower as you would have no calling ability on a 4G only tower (and therefore no 911). A big issue is that your phone is, by industry standards, woefully outdated.


So in other words if you are a senior citizen or have health issues Republic Wireless is not a phone to have.

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the unlocked GSM version of the Moto X2 is scheduled to be removed from the T-Mobile network next year for the same reason as they shut down 3G they need phones that are VoLTE which and the Moto X2 came out just before the standards for VoLTE did so it does not have that.

Roaming has always been hit or miss as for 911 if the tower is able to connect and function with the phone it will for 911 but if the tower doesn’t support the phone as it out of date there nothing done (try calling 911 on an old analog bag phone)

this is the same as no matter the carrier or MVNO, the 3G based phones are just becoming old and the tech behind them is being phased out (like analog phones back in the late 90’s early 2000’s


My Moto X 2nd gen has 4g

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I’m not sure that I understand this conclusion. As @drm186 says it wouldn’t matter if you had service directly from the almighty on high and the phone was delivered by burning bush, the networks are turning down the technology that supports the phone you have and that’s nothing to do with Republic. While Republic will work with Sprint to make sure it has a plan before T-Mobile/Sprint impact native coverage, roaming is whole different beast (again, no matter who you have service through). Even if you were a direct Sprint customer, you’d be having precisely the same experience.


My Moto X 2nd gen has 4g

it has 4G LTE for data but it does not do Voice over LTE (VoLTE) which is what’s needed to for 4G only (and 4G & 5G) networks that are all that going to be left after next year


I did some checking the Moto X 2nd gen has the hardware for VoLTE but they never did the update to activate it.

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