What happened to the $50 phones?


My son has been using a Moto E (1 Gen) and it has had it’s challenges. Even after a hard restart it continues to shut itself off. My son then needs to reset clock/calendar to make it work again. This happens frequently. Its been a good run…almost 1 1/2 years with Republic. Time to get him a new phone. Now the cheapest phone is $199!!! WHAT??? Is that phone going to have the same challenges as the Moto E? Not sure what to do…help?


BTW… I want to keep Republic Wireless! Phone has been a problem but service is good. He always has a signal even when my Sprint Phone does not!!!


The new phones in the Phones section all work with T-Mobile, not Sprint. Check the coverage map:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

There are some pretty good deals coming up soon. Those phones will work with T-Mobile too.

Republic Wireless celebrates its new independence with six months of free service - The Verge

If you need to stay with Sprint we expect the new phones to work with Sprint by the end of the year.

RW has never had a $50.00 phone but you can get some good used Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen) models for a reasonable price on eBay and Swappa. Just be sure to get the Republic Wireless version. These phones will work on the Republic Refund plans.


Republic’s cheapest phone has always been around $99 (not counting sales) there is a BYOD option in that ballpark if one has amazon Prime and is willing to put up with some lock screen ads the Moto G4 Play


one would need a SIM (Amazon Prime has it for no shipping)


if not a prime member or not willing to put up with the ads then it’s $149 (also found on other 3rd party sites or directly from Motorola