What happened to unlimited?

Im really disappointed. I’ve used republic wireless for years and loved it. I suggested it to everyone I know. But I recently had to buy a new phone and I was forced to give up my plan that was 35 a month for unlimited everything just to get a new phone. I’m not around wireless networks most of the day except at home, so now I constantly run out of data unless I want to pay $90 a month…AND THATS NOT EVEN UNLIMITED! Now I pay twice as much, for less. After many years of wonderful service I’m upset that me and my fiance have to switch to a different carrier, especially since I JUST bought a new phone. But where this carrier used to be the cheapest (so I was willing to put up with so many dead spots) it’s now the MOST expensive, with a lot less phones to choose from and so many dead spots it’s frustrating, and no unlimited. I’m so very disappointed with the direction you’ve taken with your plans and I’m sorry it had to end this way


Hi @sarahc.lz45ug!

We will be sad to see you go . Republic found that a majority of their users don’t use very much data. Therefore, they decided to change it to make it more affordable for a majority of their customer base ( since most of them don’t need unlimited data). That led to 2.0 and ultimately 3.0 (which we have now). Republic tries to listen to its customers so its plans are constantly evolving. However, I think everyone will agree that Republic is not for the heavy data users. Republic keeps plans cheap by encouraging users to offload data, calls, and text on WiFi. When you aren’t near WiFi very much and use data heavily, there is no denying that there are better deals for you out there.

Republic did a few posts on this a couple years back. Although it’s referring to 2.0 plans, it’s still a a great explanation. Here are links to them: The Real Price of Cell Data and https://pwk.republicwireless.com/the-real-price-of-data-breakage-breakdown/.

I hope that this helps you understand a little bit! Again, we are sad to see you go and hope you find a service that will meet all your needs! If you have and further questions, fell free to ask!


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Hi @sarahc.lz45ug

I agree RW has been great over the years and @mb2x’s reply reflects how most of us feel.

But if you have the time, and don’t mind, which phone did you previously have?. I’m confused because of the Optimus S and MXP tags, along with the plan(s) descriptions. I’m guessing the DEFYXT?.

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If you got a new GSM phone maybe the CDMA new phones is an option. Depending on your zip code the RW computer suggests/makes a educated guess at the best service for you. I suggest opening a support ticket or if you have one open place the ticket number here . No info can be seen from that number and only RW has access to the ticket system.This map may help you with better service.

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